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Senator Harry Reid
12/07/2016 at 15:20. Facebook
I cannot think of a better person with which to leave public service. Thank you, President Obama, for being the person you are.
Senator Harry Reid
12/05/2016 at 20:29. Facebook
The Army Corps of Engineers’ decision to reroute the Dakota Access oil Pipeline is a victory for the Standing Rock Sioux, who have been objecting to construction of this pipeline for more than two years. This is a momentous step toward correcting the course of a disgraceful history.

Yesterday’s decision will not make up for the past, but President Obama took a huge step to rectify a terrible...
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Protesters Gain Victory in Fight Over Dakota Access Oil Pipeline

The UNLV students who operate the school newspaper made the bold decision to change the name of their publication. To say I am proud of these students would be a huge understatement. This name change wasn’t easy. But these students were more interested in unifying the student body and rejecting hateful symbols of a racist and divisive past, rather than hiding behind tradition. Now it’s time...
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And the new name is…. - The Rebel Yell

I’ve called upon our President-elect to rise to the dignity of his office. I called upon Donald Trump to take responsibility for his rhetoric and his actions, to work to heal the wounds that he created. Our President-elect has chosen to do none of those things. Meanwhile, vile acts of hate and intimidation continue to occur all across America.

On Tuesday, I said that the Southern Poverty...
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Hateful acts are on the rise, and it’s Trump’s responsibility to take a stand

There were a number of bright spots on Election Day, but I have to say without any question the one for us was in Nevada. The Koch brothers came to the state and publicly said: “Reid has been hard on us and we're going to teach him a lesson.” In spite of all their untold wealth, they could not affect what we had built up over the years in Nevada.

Election Day was really a good day for our...
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I have been in politics for five decades, and I have never seen anything like what we are seeing today. A man who lost the popular vote by more than two million votes is now the President-elect, and his election has sparked a wave of hate crimes across America.

We have a responsibility to be the voice of the millions of Americans sitting at home, afraid that they are unwelcome in Donald...
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Sen. Sherrod Brown, other Democrats ask Donald Trump to keep out Breitbart exec Steve Bannon

In just a few days, Nevadans are poised to gut energy monopolies’ rigid power grabs and directly participate in the clean energy economy. Voting “yes” on energy choice will represent a seismic shift for America and the world — a momentous example of how the people can take down an outdated, special interest monopoly and choose the future they want for their state and their country.

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Nevada voters can choose a clean energy revolution

It is unacceptable that Latina women must work a full year and 10 months just to make what their white, non-Hispanic male coworkers make in one year alone. This goes against the very promise of our nation and serves as an unjust, immoral reality for too many women. We must work to ensure equal pay for equal work.

In Nevada, Latina women earn 53 cents for every dollar their fellow male workers...
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This man has provided me with so many wonderful memories. Thank you, Mr. President.
Republicans should be ashamed of themselves for knocking off work a week early to campaign for Donald Trump, who thinks veterans with PTSD are not ‘strong’ and ‘can’t handle it,’ instead of passing a critical bill to address the epidemic of suicide among America’s veterans. If the Republican-led Senate was at work today as it was supposed to be, this bill would have passed by now.

On its way...
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As I was saying.

Trump is a billion-dollar loser who won't release his taxes because they'll expose him as a spoiled, rich brat who lost the millions he inherited from his father. Despite losing a billion dollars, Trump wants to reward himself with more tax breaks on inherited wealth while stiffing middle-class families who earn their paychecks with hard work.

Trump is over-leveraged and...
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Donald Trump Tax Records Show He Could Have Avoided Taxes for Nearly Two Decades, The Times Found

It’s disappointing to see that the Republicans’ proposal to fund the government, while addressing other disasters, did not include a single cent for Flint, Michigan. The people of Flint, Michigan have been waiting for emergency assistance to clean their poisoned water for over a year.

100,000 Flint residents continue to struggle providing clean drinking water to their families.‎ 9,000...
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Trump wants us to believe that in spite of all his bankruptcies and his litigation, he is this incredibly wealthy, successful business man. But he is not. And his tax returns would prove that he is far from wealthy Trump.

On the rare occasion that Donald Trump’s tax returns have been made available to the public, they have shown that he pays nothing in income taxes. But perhaps the most...
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A Trump Empire Built on Inside Connections and $885 Million in Tax Breaks

Working people in this country are tired of being ripped off by billionaires. The last thing that the American people want, or need, is a president who will run another financial scam on them. If elected, Donald Trump would be the scammer-in-chief.

Trump is not worth nearly as much as he claims to be. That's the secret he doesn't want anyone to know. That is one reason he won't release his...
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Trump used $258,000 from his charity to settle legal problems

Donald Trump is only out for one person – Donald Trump. I don’t care if he wants to be President or dog-catcher, Donald Trump is in it to line his own pockets. Donald Trump is a spoiled brat who inherited a fortune and used it to swindle working people.

Why would he ever change as president? The answer is simple: Trump won’t change. He is asking us to let him get rich scamming the entire...
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Donald Trump's foreign ties may conflict with U.S. national security interests

Donald Trump’s head-scratching campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” reveals that they have been rooting against America. These Republicans want to believe our country isn’t great. They do not listen to the facts.

We know that America is great already. And because of Democratic policies, we are improving it every day. Yesterday, the Census Bureau reported median household incomes grew...
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Median household incomes just surged in the largest increase on record

Let me tell you about Astrid Silva. Astrid was brought here by her parents when she was just four years old. She left her home country of Mexico to come to America for the very same reason as generations before her – to achieve a dream we take for granted, the right to live in the land of the free.

Astrid loves her country. It is the only country she has ever known. In her heart, her mind and...
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I am still stunned that the Republican Leader decided that a seven-week vacation was more important than funding our nation’s Zika response, or giving Merrick Garland a hearing, or keeping terrorists and criminals from buying guns. And now, because of the Republican Leader’s decision to recess for the summer, the country is floundering because of Republicans inaction.

I know Senator...
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I appreciate the kind words from President Obama. He is a forever friend and I'll always treasure our relationship.

Two decades ago, we came together to preserve the beauty of Lake Tahoe. And for 20 years, we have worked to do just that. Thank you to everyone who celebrated with us at the 20th Annual Lake Tahoe Summit.