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Senator Scott Ludlam ran an incredible campaign again the government’s Orwellian surveillance regime, while Labor capitulated and voted with the Liberals.

Nearly two years later, here's an update on this fundamentally flawed legislation.

Data retention black hole: no one knows how many ISPs Australia has, say experts

Thousands of people have added their voice, but we need yours.

Submissions close this Friday. Join our campaign for respect grns.mp/18c
Thank you Lee Rhiannon for shining a light on the murky world of political donations once again. It’s time to clean up this system— including real-time disclosure and bans on dirty donations from the likes of fossil fuel giants and big tobacco.

Claims donor laws corrupt as political donations near $1 billion

A tantrum from the back bench is all it takes for Malcolm Turnbull to send his Environment Minister out to deliver another disappointing climate backflip.

It’s clear who is running the Liberals’ agenda (and it’s not the cabinet).

Backbench forces Josh Frydenberg into climate policy backdown

Victoria will become the first state to pass dying with dignity laws, giving people choice at the end of their lives.

Thanks to Colleen Hartland, MP and the Victorian Greens for their work on this issue in Parliament for the past decade.

Now we need to take this to a national level and pass similar laws through Federal Parliament.
A great meeting today with the Australian Muslim Women's Centre for Human Rights hearing about vitally important and significant work they’re doing in our community – thank you for the opportunity!
This is utter recklessness and comes just months after half a billion was stripped from the Australian Renewable Energy Agency.

Government money would be better spent on public services and on a transition to a jobs-rich, clean energy future.

'It’s not critical': Adani says it doesn't even need controversial $1 billion government loan

What a heartbreaking statistic: a third of young Australians report experiencing race-based mistreatment in Mission Australia’s annual youth survey.

As a community, we must do better, and this starts at the top. That's why we’ll stand against any changes to anti-discrimination laws that make is easier for people to be racist. Stand with us at » grns.mp/18c

Chinese-Australian youths experience top discrimination rates

Such a powerful story from Colleen Hartland, MP

Around Australia, people overwhelmingly support the right of terminally ill people to end their lives on their own terms, and the law should reflect that.

That's why the Greens are working at the state and federal level to deliver Dying with Dignity laws.
Well... that didn't take long. The Prime Minister raises the possibility of reviewing climate policy and the dinosaurs of the right wing swing into action.

Now is the time for Mr Turnbull to show some courage.

'One of the dumbest things I've ever heard': Coalition conservatives furious over climate review

Well, if Mr Abbott is annoyed, you know you've made a good call. This is nothing more than another round in the campaign to undermine the Prime Minister that Mr Abbott is conducting from the back bench.

The Green Army was a dud— a vanity project that cost the taxpayers a lot of money for very little in return.

In comparison, every cent of the Landcare funding we negotiated through the...
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Breaking the backpacker tax deadlock has given farmers the confidence and certainty they need to hire staff and will ensure that crops won’t be rotting on the vine.

Race on to find seasonal workers after backpacker tax resolution

We always opposed the Green Army.

It was not an environmental program. It was an employment program... and a bad one at that.

Malcolm Turnbull set to axe Tony Abbott's Green Army environmental program

As people protest this morning against the government's Adani dealings, here's Larissa Waters on the government's coal obsession.

The government's report on the Great Barrier Reef is a 'dog ate my homework' moment | Larissa Waters

It was a busy week to end the parliamentary year. Here are some insights from Senator Rachel Siewert.

What Did The Greens Get Up To In final two weeks of Parliament in 2016?

“Big coal has captured our politics, but we will fight them every step of the way.” - Larissa Waters grns.mp/coal-or-reef

Adani coal mine: green groups fume over plan for $1b federal loan

With Queensland Labor creating loopholes for Adani and fast-tracking this disastrous project, and the federal Liberal-Nationals moving to pour in public money, it's clearer than ever that big corporations call the shots, not ordinary Australians.

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Acknowledging that "that climate change is the single biggest threat to reefs worldwide - and the Great Barrier Reef is no exception" and then making no commitments to deal with the problem shows just how beholden this government is to the right wing and fossil fuel giants.

No new funding or climate commitments in Great Barrier Reef update

At the end of this month, federal funds for public dental services will dry up – and the government is yet to confirm that funding will continue or outline any alternative plans. Time is running out.

They must put arrangements in place to ensure crucial funding is maintained beyond 31 December. We’re still waiting, and so are the patients whose health will be put at risk if funding ends...
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People are sick of politics as usual and want politicians to negotiate to get the outcomes that people want and that are good for the community.

That’s our job, and it’s why we broke the backpacker tax deadlock and handing an important win to farmers, backpackers and the environment.