"Every day, inaction on climate change is making our unique planet less viable. Australia should rapidly cut carbon emissions and transition to clean energy, embracing all the economic and health benefits that transition will bring including more than a million new jobs by mid-century."

The Adani mine is this generation's Franklin River. People power can stop it | Bob Brown

We stand with you.
We need to level the playing field for people – particularly young people – who are being locked out of the market.

Negative gearing, stamp duty and capital gains has to be a part of this conversation.

Negative gearing debate to be revived at meeting of state and federal treasurers

While the Liberals (and Labor) continue to accept those massive corporate donations from Big Coal they will remain hell-bent on approving the Adani mine.

This Politician Reckons Australia's Largest Coal Mine Will Actually Be Good For The Environment

It was great to catch up with Bob Brown yesterday and talk about the growing campaign against the Adani mega coal mine.
At four minutes past midnight...
Together with capital gains and negative gearing reforms, swapping stamp duty for a broad-based land tax that would fix the broken system and make it easier for young people to live in the communities they love.

Peter Martin: How Turnbull can kill stamp duty and produce a budget to remember

Great to see Bob back in Parliament House today; bringing the campaign against the massive Adani coal mine to Canberra.

Check in tomorrow to watch our chat about Adani.
The government, with the support of Pauline Hanson and Nick Xenophon has forced the Senate to debate, without notice, a bill containing more than a billion dollars in cuts to single parents, students, jobseekers and family payments.
We once had laws that made slaves of men and women. We once had laws that said homosexuality was unnatural and illegal. We once had laws that effectively told women that their place was in the kitchen.

It is not just our right to stand up to unjust laws, but that it is also our duty as citizens of this country.
This is why the Greens will stand firm against any laws that weaken protections against discrimination and hate speech.

People Are Sharing Their Stories Of Everyday Racism And It's Timely AF

It’s shameful that the coalition believe it’s ok for people to be humiliated, insulted and offended on the basis of their race.

It’s a disgrace that this discussion is occurring on International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and Australia’s Harmony Day - a day where we celebrate our cultural diversity.
I'm speaking to the media in Canberra with Senator Scott Ludlam about 18C & the Australian-US Alliance
The Greens will resist any laws that make it easier for people to be racist.

Senate crossbench poised to kill off substantial changes to race hate laws

Illicit drug use needs to be treated like the health issue, not a criminal one.

The Greens welcome the work of key political and law enforcement figures in this much-needed debate, including support for pill testing, something we know will save lives.

Former premiers and Australian police chiefs call for drug decriminalisation

I'm speaking live with GetUp! from Parliament House. Join us!
Today Malcolm Turnbull has given a speech outlining his vision for multicultural Australia. The speech is more warning than welcome.

The Greens have a different view. Australia has been enriched by the migration of people from all over the world. The sum total is that we are a better nation.
It's a pretty clear message: if you want to keep your job, do your job.

It's time for a free vote in the parliament on marriage equality.

Conservative majority in 12 Coalition seats back same-sex marriage vote in 2017

The backlash from some is predictable — but there's been lots of interest in the discussion about the future of work this week.

It's a discussion we'll continue.

The four-day working week: is it possible?

When we put work before health, no one wins. This is not progress.

We need to talk about the future of work.

ANU report confirms long hours at work are displacing time for sleeping and eating