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So nice to be home. After a long couple of weeks away for parliament nothing beats a gorgeous walk in the Adelaide Hills. Sunshine, wild flowers, simply lovely.
An important screening of the award winning documentary Chasing Asylum, which shows the reality of life for refugees on Manus Island and Nauru, was held in Parliament House this week.

There are 226 MPs in that building. Do you want to know how many showed up so that they could actually see what this policy is doing to people? 2...

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Proof that our politicians turn a blind eye to the plight of refugees

This week, I moved a motion in the Senate condemning the Abbott/Turnbull government's millions of dollars of cuts to the ABC.

'Friends of the ABC' were thrilled to see that it passed, meaning the national broadcaster now has majority support in the Senate!

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It's not surprising that One Nation is first in line to kick some of our lowest paid workers, who make invaluable contributions to our society in sectors like aged care and childcare. What a disgrace.
Powerful peaceful protest happening outside the people's parliament right now.

It's time to close the camps!
The government has been so desperate to get its anti-worker ABCC Bill over the line this week, they've traded away the independence of the ABC and SBS.

Australian workers, and my home state of SA, got nothing from Xenophon and Leyonhjelm's dirty deals.
Nick Xenophon has just sold South Australia down the river...

Senator Xenophon might talk a big game, but he always squibs it in the end.

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South Australians don't want to see another inquiry. We're sick of delayed promises. SHOW US THE WATER!!

The future of the Murray depends on it.
The survival of the Murray in SA is simple: keep the water flowing to ensure the future of this vital environmental resource.
Well then, maybe you should stop being a massive racist...

Just sayin'

Pauline Hanson Is Sick And Tired Of People Calling Her Racist

I'll call out Peter Dutton's racist, bigotted rubbish every... single... time...

And I stand by it
Peter Dutton's attacks on Lebanese Australians are divisive and disgraceful.

I support our strong multi-cultural community. What Dutton doesn't understand is that, while he tries his hardest to tear us apart, his hateful words will bring us closer together, as Australians.
I don't often agree with George Brandis, but on this ocassion...


George Brandis caught on hot mic calling colleagues 'mediocre' and 'not very good'

Peter Dutton is a Bottom feeder. I stand by it.
Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water...

Despite BP's public statements to the contrary, their application to drill in the Great Australian Bight is 'still in play' and now US oil giant Chevron want in on the action too.

The Parliament needs to protect this natural wonder, once and for all!

BP's applications to drill for oil in Great Australian Bight 'still in play', says regulator

Keep South Australia clean. Dump the Dump.

The Government didn't get the answer they wanted from the "Citizens Jury" so now they want to spend more money and time on a useless referendum. They are flogging a dead horse.

It's clear the community doesn't support turning South Australia into the world's nuclear waste dump.

This referendum would be an expensive and pointless distraction from...
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Nuclear dump referendum on the cards in SA

8 November 2016...

I guess we'd better add it to the list of dates we'll go back to when time machines are invented.
The Plebiscite is being debated in the Senate today.

It's our job, as supporters of equality, to rise up and raise our voices...
Citizen's Jury says no to a nuke dump in SA!

The future of our state will be built on a solid foundation of renewable energy jobs, not the world's nuclear waste.

Citizens’ jury rejects nuke dump plans

It's turns out the economic modelling that said we should have a nuclear waste dump in South Australia is deeply compromised.

Who'd have thought such a thing?! Maybe this is a TERRIBLE idea after all?

Nuclear dump modelling biased: Greens