Managed to squeeze some short time out of a busy weekend to check out Simpsons Gap just near Alice Springs. Simply gorgeous.
Managed to squeeze some short time out of a busy weekend to
Donna Prefumo
Geoff Miethe
Dr-Asif Sangar
The Greens are unashamedly in favour of making sure our public schools, which for too long have gone without the essentials, are properly and fairly funded.
Grahame Nixon
Niven Williams
Ken Barbara Wilson
Happy Mother's Day!
My Miss 10 was very sweet and made me breakfast this morning. She sat down and stared at me while I tried my best to eat her specially made porridge with chocolate & sprinkles....
Happy Mothers Day My Miss 10 was very sweet and made me
Fil Richards
Stella Phelan
Lisbeth Stewart
For those following the schools funding debate, please take the time to read my statement clarifying the Australian Greens position on the Government's education plan.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again - Our key principles are our strong support for our public schools, our commitment to a genuine needs-based model that looks after needy schools and kids, and we want more investment...
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Statement on Australian Greens position on Government education package
Fionie Stavert
Sarah Warren
Cheryl Judd
It's about time the Coalition and Labor started looking out for the interest of Australians, rather than their multinational mates in the fossil fuel industry, like Adani and Chevron.
Marlene Baker
Jacob T. Bond
Richard Slade
-Labor and Liberal cash donation cheques from Chevron before and during senate inquiry into drilling in the Great Australian Bight.
-Labor senator breaks rank to team up with the Liberals, backing drilling for oil in the Bight.
-Labor's refusal to stare down the fossil fuel industry is putting our precious Bight, and the planet, at dire risk. Shame!
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Bruce Terry
Glen Homer
Tammy-Jo Sutton
Australians have grown up with some of the best children’s television programs for decades, and our kids and future generations shouldn’t be deprived of that. They need high-quality story-telling to help them make sense of their identity and the world around them.

The Greens are proud to stand with creators of kids’ TV against commercial broadcasters getting free rein to wiggle out of their...
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Dane Smallwood
Jane Kelly
Sam Crozier
Malcolm Turnbull's swapped the cool guy leather jacket for the anti-young people, anti-progress Tony Abbott blue tie. This budget is an all-out assault on students - facing record high rents and living costs, losing their penalty rates, and now being slogged for furthering their education. Shame!
Edel Poppell
Faizan Khan
Babal Nahar
If you're a young person in this country, you've just been screwed over...

The single biggest cut in this Budget was a hit of $3.8 billion on universities and students while income support recipients will be forced to take random drug tests!

All this while giving a tax cut to the rich and doing nothing to tackle dangerous global warming. Not good enough Malcolm #FIZZA
If you're a young person in this country you've just been screwed over

Budget 2017
Matt Latter
Edel Poppell
Gina Lasula
The Greens are weighing up the pros and cons of the Government's new education funding model - but I want to be clear here: What we want is a fair-dinkum, needs-based funding model that gives all of our children the education they deserve - at the moment, that is not the case in our public schools.
Lucas House
Bruce Knobloch
David Holyoake
As subtle as a sledge hammer.

#StayClassy Labor...
As subtle as a sledge hammer

StayClassy Labor
Leah Chettle
Matthew Baker
Julian Trickett

Join South Australian Greens Senator Sarah Hanson-Young for an evening in conversation with former Leader of the Australian Greens, acclaimed author, photographer and lifelong activist Bob Brown, with Chief Economist of the Australia Institute Richard Denniss to discuss politics, passion for purpose, the campaign to stop Adani and what we can do...
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Stop Adani Community Forum

Gulistan Hussaini
Gulistan Hussaini
While Bill Shorten and Simon Birmingham bicker over how much extra money Catholic schools should get, I'll be standing up for our public school kids - every day.
Melanie Henrikson
Patricia Mary Kenny
Ridwan Hassim
Sharing my thoughts on schools funding while waiting for the bell to ring.
Saleh Arian
ﺣﺎﺟﻲ ﺻﺎﻟحی
Jason Lockwood
I fundamentally believe that all children, regardless of their postcode or their parents' bank balance, have a right to a decent education.

I'm also unapologetic about my support for public schools and, I believe it's time to end the over-funding of wealthy private private schools. A true needs-based funding model would prioritise money to the children and schools that need it most.
Kerry Robinson
David Crouch
Maddie Jane
I am unashamedly in favour of public schools. For too long, private schools have been subsidised by the taxpayer when public schools go without.

It's about time our children's learning needs were at the centre education, not hyper-partisan argy-bargy between the Government and the Opposition.
I am unashamedly in favour of public schools For too long private

Greens not ruling out support for Government's 'Gonski 2.0'
Theo AK
David Hill
Bob Martin
Malcolm Turnbull's Budget is shaping up to be an all out assault on young people and our universities, cutting funding and driving up fees.

The Greens will oppose these dangerous, backwards policies.
Simon Margan
Bruce Johnston
Shafiek Abrahams
What a turnout for Repower Port Augusta's rally today - it is amazing to see hundreds of people take time out of their Sunday, especially those who made the journey from Port Augusta this morning.

This campaign is on the home stretch. We need Jay Weatherill to back the project & to make sure the Federal Government's deal to fund it doesn't get forgotten.

After being part of this campaign...
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What a turnout for Repower Port Augustas rally today it is amazing
Ron Dent
Nigel Wadsworth
Kieran Brown
Malcolm Turnbull's Budget is shaping up to be an all out assault on young Australians.

I spoke to the team on Weekend Breakfast about how this government wants to slug you more to go to uni while doing nothing to bring down the outrageous cost of housing.
Grahame Clark
Annette Erdtsieck
Kerri Lee
What is Australia going to look like into the future and how are we going to shape our economy so we can prosper?
We'll be discussing our economic future with Senior Economist Matt Grundoff, of the Australia Institute, in Mount Barker tomorrow afternoon.
It's a time to express different views about what kind of nation we want to be. I hope to see you there.
What is Australia going to look like into the future and how
Julie Evans
Dane Smallwood
Harry Greene