Just a bit of fun...

Had fun playing Katniss Everdeen for SA Weekend Magazine's Oscar's special today. A Strong feisty chick who takes on the grumpy old white guy....
Clean coal.. Sounds like a polished turd to me. And we all know you can't polish a turd.

Malcolm Turnbull's sold his soul for this pixie policy idea of clean coal, but we're not buying it.

I spoke to Sky yesterday about the Aus-US alliance & Trump, the Liberals and One Nation's cracked out preference deal in WA and the ridiculous idea that the ~*Clean Energy*~ Finance Corporation should...
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What a farce.

ENGIE puts profits over supplying power, SA Power Networks sits back and lets Malcolm Turnbull and his coal-juggling clowns on the front-bench blame renewables for SA's latest blackout - that affected an additional 60,000 homes because of SAPN's computer glitch, and AGL, who banked more than $700 million in profits last year just bailed on today's senate inquiry.

These guys...
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AGL fail to front electricity inquiry

This week we learned that the PM's Harbourside Mansion is equipped with solar panels and battery storage! If it's good enough for Malcolm Turnbull, why isn't it accessible for average South Australians?

Simple. The rules are rigged against renewable energy so those big power companies can continue to line their pockets, while South Australians sit in the blistering heat without electricity...
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There is an energy crisis in South Australia.

The system is rigged against renewable energy and consumers, for the sake of big fossil fuel companies making mega profits. And while South Australians are getting screwed over, all the Prime Minister can do is lie to the public to protect his mates in fossil fuels.

It’s time to put the people back at the centre of energy supply, ahead of the...
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Switch on SA public forum

Gandhi, Churchill, Mandela, Bernardi...

Tonight Cory is preparing to take his seat alongside the great political visionaries of history...
Malcolm Turnbull's "Trickle Down Economics" of tax cuts for the rich and big business is a bald-faced lie.

Divide between rich and poor in Australia is growing

Ever wondered why Labor and the Libs are willing to put thousands of tourism and fishing jobs at risk in South Australia, just to increase the profits of foreign oil companies?

Well, now we know...

Dirty money = dirty politics. It's time to clean it all up!

Oil giant ’buying influence’

Fabulous to see history made today as the Adelaide Crows Women's team played their first game! Loved being able to take my Miss 9 and celebrate this great step forward in women's sport with her.
All the young girls who came to watch were so excited to be there, with plenty of budding young footy players amongst them!
Trump tweets and shouts and Turnbull does nothing.
It's sickening to see these two men playing politics with the lives of refugees on Manus & Nauru.
When Donald Trump won, a lot of people said we should wait to see what he would actually do. Well, I've seen enough.

He's a madman with too much power and no understanding of justice or humanity. Join me at the Adelaide Anti-Trump Rally, tomorrow (Friday) in Rundle Mall!

Anti-Trump Rally

Watching the Prime Minister's speech today has me wondering why he even bothers to show up.... Handouts for big business & big banks, while cutting family payments and attacking renewable energy.
Same with old politics from a bloke looking after the wealthy while everyone else struggles.
Malcom Turnbull's silence and over Trump's immigration ban shows a total lack of moral leadership.
Honestly, what is even the point of him being Prime Minister? He stands for nothing.

(Meanwhile, this pic wins best placard of the day.... )
Do you live in Adelaide and care about Australian education?

Come along to an education policy discussion with me and my State Parliament colleague Tammy Franks MLC tomorrow (Tuesday) night.

We want to hear what you think about schools, TAFE and universities in Australia. RSVP here - [ Bit.ly Link ]

Education listening post with Tammy Franks and Sarah Hanson-Young

Today our government failed to stand up to Donald Trump...

Now it's up to the rest of us!
Today, as Donald Trump signed an order to stop migration to the US from Muslim countries, back here in Australia I was meeting the two gorgeous young girls whose faces on an Australia Day billboard reminded us all what it means to be Australian; Respect for one another, sharing common values and standing up when others need help. I told them I was so proud of the Australia they represent and...
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Barnaby to the rescue, again...

Remember when he told drought stricken South Australians to move to where the water is? Now he's offering similar, sage advice on the housing market.

Problem solved!

Can't afford to buy a home? Get out of Sydney and Melbourne, says Barnaby Joyce

The disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal is dead.

It's time to go back to the drawing board and start negotiating deals that will help regular Australians, not just the international mega-corporations.