BP are gone for now, but not forever, and there are other companies lining up to drill for oil in the spectacular Great Australian Bight!

You can sign the petition here to support our Bill that will protect the Bight from BP and all other companies once and for all - [ Sarahhansonyoung.com Link ]
Despite the best efforts of Malcolm Turnbull, the Murdoch press and their conservative mates, most Australians understand that recent energy price rises are not the fault of renewable energy.

People instead understand the role that privatisation, anti-competitive behaviour and gold plating poles and wires has had. It looks like the conservatives are going to have to lie harder to fool people...
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More voters blame energy price rises on privatisation than renewables – polling

Pauline Hanson pretending to be invited to Trump's party sounds like a scene from Mean Girls...

I can't help it that i'm popular!

Mean Girls FTW.

To be frank, I'll take the two young kids celebrating Australia Day over the angry aggressive thugs who hide behind our flag, giving it a bad and ugly name.
I'll just leave this here for anyone who thinks;
- we can't afford to care for refugees
- the Liberals are good economic managers

$1b spent on detention contracts without authorisation, audit finds


I think they'll survive without you. In fact, why don't you stay a while?
Malcolm Turnbull just can't let the disastrous Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal go... [ Bit.ly Link ]
Four years of Manus and Nauru - four people dead and zero resettled safely...

Offshore Detention is a sham, a scam and a shame on Australia's name.

It's time for this illegal, immoral madness to end.

Human Rights Watch report card gives Australia a fail for offshore detention

The clowns are out in force today;

- Leyonhhelm reckons childcare is just about wiping kids noses
- Laming reckons teachers are lazy

The truth is that educators deserve a huge amount of respect for the amazing (and very hard) work that they do.

LIKE if you support Australian teachers!
Go on, Cory. I dare you.

What Cory Bernardi will learn if he does break away from the Liberals and start his own ultra-right party, is many South Australians don't support homophobia, racism and stripping women of their rights.

He thinks everybody loves Cory as much as he loves himself.. Well he's in for a rude awakening here in SA.
Young Australians screwed, again.

Spare us the lecture on how tax cuts for big buisness and the rich will magically make people at the bottom better off. We all know it's crap.

The Turnbull government has done nothing today to tackle looming generational inequality. With budget cuts to services and little to tackle slow wage growth or housing affordability, young Australians remain the big...
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Shock horror!
Teachers teaching kids about compassion, empathy and the law?! How very dare they!!

A pathetic attack on teachers today in the Murdoch papers. If our political leaders won't show moral leadership, thank goodness for the brave school teachers across the country who will.

While the Government demonises refugees, teachers are doing the hard work or teaching our nations children...
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Let's get real for a minute. This government reckons it can afford to give businesses and banks BILLIONS of dollars in tax cuts, yet our education system is grossly underfunded.

We need to get serious about implementing genuine needs-based funding for education to avoid another slump in Naplan results next year.
Malcolm Turnbull couldn't stand up to the climate-sceptic dinosaurs in his own party and has scrapped an Emissions Intensity Scheme that would have tackled global warming while saving Australians up to $15 billion on their electricity bills...

Not good enough Malcolm!
The children on Nauru have had their childhood and their chance at a good education ripped away from them by this shameful government. It's only natural that teachers would want to support them.

Malcolm Turnbull hates being reminded that his government lacks a backbone and a social conscience, and lashes out at will at those exercising their freedom to protest.

I stand with these teachers...
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'Absolutely inappropriate': Malcolm Turnbull blasts teachers' refugee protest

Last night Chasing Asylum, a film that exposes the brutal truth about Australia's offshore detention camps, won the AACTA award for Best Feature Length Documentary of the year. You can read about it here - [ Bit.ly Link ]

This is such an important film and I was honoured to join the director, Eva Orner, at the ceremony last night. #aacta #aactaawards

Chasing Asylum is available on iTunes...
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If Family First say a law is going to "damage the moral and social values" of our state, you know you're probably onto a good thing ;)

Well done Tammy Franks MLC!

Same-sex couples in SA set to get adoption, surrogacy rights

So nice to be home. After a long couple of weeks away for parliament nothing beats a gorgeous walk in the Adelaide Hills. Sunshine, wild flowers, simply lovely.
An important screening of the award winning documentary Chasing Asylum, which shows the reality of life for refugees on Manus Island and Nauru, was held in Parliament House this week.

There are 226 MPs in that building. Do you want to know how many showed up so that they could actually see what this policy is doing to people? 2...

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Proof that our politicians turn a blind eye to the plight of refugees

This week, I moved a motion in the Senate condemning the Abbott/Turnbull government's millions of dollars of cuts to the ABC.

'Friends of the ABC' were thrilled to see that it passed, meaning the national broadcaster now has majority support in the Senate!

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