This photo, taken by Fairfax's Andrew Meares, of these two blokes announcing the repeal of anti-racism laws is everything that's wrong with politics right now.

Come on Australia, we can do better than this.
Don't worry ladies, Malcolm Roberts is here to explain how we feel about sexual harassment and why, apparently in many instances, it's A-OK!

Malcolm Turnbull isn't a "Nation Building Prime Minister", as he likes to call himself.

He's an Eastern States Prime Minister with no plan for South Australia, but fortunately we're ready to act!
Peter Dutton should crawl back under his rock.
The Minister's attack on business leaders advocating marriage equality is nasty & pathetic.
Let's be honest here; Peter Dutton has attacked Qantas CEO Alan Joyce because he is a gay man.

The gutter politics of homophobia has no place in modern Australia!
Malcolm Turnbull - it's time to fix the market rules, giving renewable energy an even playing field and reducing the price of power!

Sign the petition here - [ Link ]

SA's Energy Future - it's time to take action!
Sure, it may look like a hostage video, but it's actually Coopers Brewery finally saying that they support marriage equality!

Better late than never guys...

Well done all - this just goes to show how influential protests, boycotts and people power can be!
It comes as no surprise, when you've got the Federal Energy Minister and the self-proclaimed 'Innovation Prime Minister' sitting on their hands and playing the blame game for South Australia's energy woes and discrediting renewable energy where possible, gas is an easy sell for this State Government.

BUT, subsidising gas extraction in the age of climate change is reckless and will do little...
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The SA Deal Is A Missed Opportunity For Cheaper, Cleaner And More Reliable Energy
The State Government’s new gas-fired power plant won’t save SA from blackouts next summer when it doesn’t even have a home yet.

Today's energy announcement, shackling South Australians to huge electricity bills that won’t come down with an over-reliance on gas-fired generation ruled by the world market, is hardly surprising.

When you’ve got the Federal Energy Minister and the...
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Jay Weatherill's big energy announcement today was a big pay day for the fossil fuel gas industry!

Do you think Labor have backed the wrong horse by supporting the gas industry over the potential for solar thermal in Port Augusta?

Will tech billionaires be the solution?
Liberal's advice to lazy millennials that want to buy a home;

- be rich
- have rich parents
- move to somewhere you don't want to live

It's just so simple!

The Government Is Too Busy Lining Its Pockets To Fix The Housing Crisis
Tesla boss Elon Musk's offer to South Australia is the game changer we need.

Battery storage is the missing link in our renewables revolution!
Some offers are just too good to pass up...

Tesla boss Elon Musk just threw down the gauntlet to fix South Australia's power supply.

Come on Tesla let's talk!

To think we could boost the state's energy reliability in just 100 days. I'm not a betting woman, but when the outcome is 300MW of reliable power, isn't it worth it?

#Tesla #ElonMark #Renewables #SouthAustralia

Elon Musk Just Personally Promised To Fix South Australia's Energy Issues
Kate has advocated strongly for Adelaide since her election in 2004 and I wish her all the very best.

Now is the time to turn Adelaide Green! We need a strong progressive voice in Canberra, willing stand up for job security, housing affordability, equality and the environment.

You can sign up to help here - [ Link ]
Pauline Hanson added fuel to the dangerous anti-vaxxer fire by not only suggesting parents should disregard doctors' advice and credible science and "do their own research" on vaccinations (like it hasn't already been done?), but that there was a magical test children could take to find out if they're going to catch autism from vaccines.

How many times does this need to be refuted before...
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In one interview this morning, Pauline Hanson;

- backed penalty rate cuts
- incorrectly questioned the safety of vaccines
- rejected decades of successful multiculturalism in Australia
- endorsed the murderous tyrant Vladimir Putin

And the Libs are now calling One Nation "sophisticated"... Spare me!
Last night, I asked the government how much their plans for university fee deregulation will cost students. Shockingly, they weren't very helpful...

The Government Knows How Much Uni Fees Will Cost Under Deregulation But It Won't Tell Us
Just a bit of fun...

Had fun playing Katniss Everdeen for SA Weekend Magazine's Oscar's special today. A Strong feisty chick who takes on the grumpy old white guy....