A toothache or sensitivity? If you are experiencing sharp pain when drinking or eating, it may be time to speak to your dentist about adding Sensodyne® to your oral care routine. [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Our fan Sam spent a lot of time searching for a solution to his sensitivity and we're so glad we could help. Share your Sensodyne® stories with us.
Halloween may be a "scary" holiday, but don't let your fear of tooth sensitivity stop you from enjoying your favorite treats.
The potassium ion in some Sensodyne toothpastes stabilizes the nerve and blocks the pain caused by pain triggers (i.e. hot, cold, sweet).
Looking for a way to keep tooth sensitivity from returning? Look no further than what's on your toothbrush. Use Sensodyne every day to prevent the pain of ongoing sensitivity.
Wishing to enjoy your favorite foods without any sensitivity this holiday? Let Sensodyne toothpaste help you out with that.
Tooth sensitivity is very common. It's a condition that develops over time due to factors such as receding gums, over vigorous tooth brushing and tooth grinding.
Up to 51% of people with sensitive teeth experience pain or discomfort while breathing in cold air. If you use Sensodyne toothpaste, you can feel confident about getting a breath of crisp autumn air.
Whether your dentin hypersensitivity is ongoing and painful or just an infrequent tooth twinge, Sensodyne toothpaste can help.
If tooth whitening strips have left your teeth feeling a little more sensitive than usual, why not try Sensodyne Repair & Protect toothpaste to help repair your teeth?
Sensodyne toothbrushes have softer, rounded-edge bristles to gently clean teeth and gums. Add in Sensodyne toothpaste to help clean and care for your sensitive teeth.
Sensodyne's potassium formulations work at the source of the pain by blocking pain signals from the nerve. Use Sensodyne twice a day to help alleviate tooth sensitivity.
If you or anyone you know uses Sensodyne toothpaste as part of a daily oral care regimen, let us know what you like about it!
Whether you like your tea piping hot or icy and refreshing, Sensodyne toothpaste lets you enjoy every sip free from sensitivity.