Serena Williams
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Girl's best friend Wilson Tennis
On set with my MISSIONAthlete fam. ????
Ready jet go! @jetsmarter #readyjetgo #jetsmarter
New year, new watch, same timeless brand! #audemarspiguet #millenary
Thanks @missionathlete for keeping me gets hot down under!
Loving my Aussie fans, you guys keep me going.
Incredibly excited to be playing the first Grand Slam of 2017 with my new Autograph Blade SW104 ❤ Go pick one up today! Wilson Tennis
The countdown to the Australian Open is on and we are so excited to watch our #TeamWilson players that we decided to give away their gear each day leading up to the tournament. We're starting off with Serena Williams and her full Wilson kit which includes her brand-new Autographed Blade SW104 racket, Serena Williams Tour 15 pack bag (cheetah print), Luxilon 4G string, Wilson Natural gut...
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Believe in yourself. Invest in yourself. That’s what #DoItForYourself means to me. Be proud of that and hold onto it.
With my Wilson...ready for you Oz. Wilson Tennis
Sometimes we are all so serious and we forget to have fun - and I know that’s me a lot of the time, but it’s so important to have passions in your life that are just for you.

I’m so disciplined every day with my training, but when I dance it’s about letting myself go. What do you do for you?

Well there's nothing to lose and there's nothing to prove...