The hand crafted CHELSEA boot will be arriving online and Global partner stores this week! ????Wednesday is D-Day! Check out the store at #spcc #sergeantpepper #sergeantpepperclothingcompany #southafrica
We've Re-Stocked the MANDARIN Collar BLEACH denim jacket twice already this week, previous batches disappeared, Don't sleep on this! #spcc #denim
The PROCESS is the product! It takes approximately 15 individual pieces to make up a standard pattern for a pair of our TRENCH skinny jeans. 1.6 meters of premium custom made ring spun denim fabric is used, several hundred meters of thick sewing thread, 6 rivets, 5 jeans buttons, 1 label (Genuine leather) and our antique silver trims. ⚒ ⚒⚒Good denim ain't cheap, cheap denim ain't good! #spcc...
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The hand crafted COMBAT boot will be available Online and in Global partner stores from next week! Don't sleep on this! #spcc #revealtheprocess #footwear
New Collection of SPCC Denim have dropped in stores! Features New washes, effects and details, with the same superior quality! Good denim ain't cheap, cheap denim ain't good! #spcc #sergeantpepper #sergeantpepperclothingcompany
The King Black Coffee wearing his SPCC LEATHER jacket at the MILAN Fashion Week! Stock arriving next week. Available Online and at select partner stores! ????#spcc #thejacket
Spotted one of our SERGEANTS @guynamedpapinos dipped in his SPCC threads! #jointherevolution #spcc
The USUAL SUSPECTS! Now available Online at and Global Partner stores! #spcc
Loyal SPCC Crew member @zack_nator dipped in Sergeant Pepper! Tag us wearing your SPCC Gear fam! #spcc
WE ARE DENIM ???? New denim collection starting to arrive in stores! Good denim ain't cheap, Cheap denim ain't good! #spcc #sergeantpepper #denim
Minimalism is not a lack of something. It's simply the perfect amount of something. - SPCC ESSENTIALS (Now available in select partner stores! Photo : Love Warrior
Thank you GQ México for the feature! Full SPCC Collection now available at Liverpool stores nationwide #spcc #global #denim
TGIM Get up, dress up and show up! the start of A/W2017 collection in stores this month! #spcc #workhardstayinspired
E S S E N T I A L S #spcc #sergeantpepper
S E R G E A N T P E P P E R // ETA 25.02.2017 #spcc #revealtheprocess
We've been stress testing the CHELSEA by wearing it for the last 4 months.. and YUP It's a keeper Available end of February! #spcc #revealtheprocess
The New A/W 2017 Collection starting to drop! Key denim pieces for February have been released! More to come! SALUTE! #spcc .#urbanmilitary