Global Mission pioneers are finding strength and encouragement in the shared task of reaching the Maasai people for Jesus. You can read more in this article from Adventist Mission
Please pray for God to bless the continuous efforts of these Global Mission pioneers as they reach out to the Maasai people.

Adventist Mission | Picture Story: Tanzania
The videos and photos are still coming in. #GYD17
Today is World Water Day!
Water is a basic human need, yet 780 million people around the world lack access to clean water. ADRA International shared stories on how they're working to get clean water to more people and to educate communities about sanitation and the fatal danger of waterborne diseases.

Water, Sanitation & Hygiene | ADRA
Opposites is a movie that will broaden your horizons in the area of Education. It is produced by ACT - Adventist Communication Training in partnership with UNASP - the Adventist University of Sao Paulo. Watch this LIVE interview about the project.
Church leaders call Global Youth Day the “greatest opportunity we have to experience unity”

Thousands impact their communities as Seventh-day Adventist young people answer the call to “Be the Sermon”
A German, Seventh-day Adventist Heiner Lachmann, is a testament to the strength of small group ministry. Heiner and his wife host a small group that has brought a number of souls to Christ, as well as strengthened the faith and relationships of those who attend. His enthusiasm is contagious.
Watch here: [ Link ]

Light Through Darkness
When looking at the vast array of Bibles, many Christians wonder how to select the best one for them. Which translation do you read?

Choosing a Bible Translation
To give our children the best start in life, we need to start giving them the right food. Tips via Adventist Record

Dietary discretion | Adventist Record
AirGYD is touching down again in Frankfurt at the end of an amazing day! #GYD17 did not disappoint. We thank God for His blessings as all around the world, Adventist youth tried to be the sermon. [ Link ]
We've landed in Maryland where we will get an exciting, worldwide #GYD17 report. Our young volunteers are giving their all to share Christ worldwide. As they join forces in pursuit of a shared mission, you can tell that these guys mean business! [ Link ]
We are almost finished! Now is North America on #GYD17
God is hard at work in North America. He's using youth to change their communities for the better. These young people know that if they stand united in Christ, nothing can stand against them. #GYD17 [ Link ]
Greetings from the North American Region where young, innovative Adventists are taking their communities by storm for #GYD17. The energy these young people have can't help but bring a smile to your face. [ Link ]
There is no end to the number of #GYD17 stories of young South American Adventists coming together to impact their communities for the better. With this kind of unity and determination, God's work is being done in a powerful way. [ Link ]
Hello from Lima, Peru! We have an exciting report of young Adventists across the South American Region working to make #GYD17 a success! They want their every action to be the sermon as they touch their countries with the message of Christ's love. [ Link ]
Here's part 2 of our AirGYD stopover in Jamaica where we hear about Adventist young people who are making waves for Christ across the Inter-American Region! Warmth and Christian love shown in small and big ways are proof that these young Adventists want to be the sermon. #GYD17 [ Link ]
Much love from Jamaica to young Adventists around the world! #GYD17 takes on a special flair as we look at what Adventist youth are doing to reach this beautiful island and the entire Inter-American Region for Jesus. [ Link ]