In the Inter-American region, Jamaica has been a powerhouse of Adventist mission for decades. The former British colony is home to Northern Caribbean University which is preparing thousands of bright young students to serve Jesus through mission.
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Dedication and Victory - Revival for Mission

Across Haiti, Cuba and Jamaica, God is working through the inspired action of His people.

Why busy moderns (and postmoderns) still need the church.

Church Anyone?
Today we are reading Psalms 110. What lessons do you find in this chapter?
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Psalms 110 - Believe His Prophets
Amazing things can happen when God’s people from around the world partner to advance His work. For example, look no farther than the hundreds of churches built by Maranatha Volunteers on the island of Cuba. God’s people, revived for mission, are showing what can be done through generosity and cooperation.
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Revival for Mission - Dedication and Victory
We are celebrating the 125th year of the book 'Steps to Christ' by Ellen White. Translated into 165+ languages. We are here in Romania as they print over 100,000 copies every year.
With the ongoing refugee situation in the Middle East continuing to worsen, the Adventist Church, through the Adventist Development and Relief Agency and other supporting ministries, are stepping in to care for those in need.
In this video from Adventist News Network, Michael Von Hörsten, a doctor with Adventist Help, talks about the situation in Mosul, Iraq, and why Adventist Help has...
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"The very good news is that the Holy Spirit is able to remake you, to remake your mind, to adjust your attitude, to give you a positive outlook, and to make you the kind of person that speaks of what God can do in a life."
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Positive Thinking – It Is Written’s Blog
This week Pastor Ted Wilson, president of the Seventh-day Adventist World Church, stopped by The Sabbath Sofa during the Total Member Involvement evangelism campaigns in Bucharest, Romania. Find out more this week on ANN Video!
Geoscience Research Institute shares the first episode of the new GRI series “Clash of Ideas: The Alps, Geology and Scientific Revolutions.”
No challenge was too great for God in Cuba, where the first Adventist missionaries landed in 1903. Progress has been slow but steady on the island nation. Through generous donations and a volunteer spirit, hundreds of churches have been built by Maranatha International. Cuba is also home to an Adventist seminary and printing house that are both advancing the work.
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Revival for Mission - Dedication and Victory
Youth leaders from the headquarters of the Seventh-day Adventist Church are calling on local churches and ministries to prepare their young people for Global Youth Day . The annual initiative encourages youth around the world to engage in a full day of community service.
This year's day of worldwide compassion will take place March 18.
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Dental, medical, and vision care supplemented with health counseling.
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Adventist Review Online | Hundreds Served at Bakersfield Hillcrest One-Day AMEN Medical Clinic
"Bless the Lord, O my soul; And all that is within me, bless His holy name!" Today we are reading Psalms 103. What lessons do you find in this chapter?
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Psalms 103 - Believe His Prophets
Haiti’s January 12, 2010 earthquake killed 300,000 people and reduced much of the country to rubble. Thousands were left homeless and in need of basic services. But despite the horrible tragedy, stories of love and resilience came from the rubble in the form of church members ready to serve in mission.
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Revival for Mission - Dedication and Victory
"In stark contrast to the devil’s thieving ways is the sterling character of God. Jesus gives abundant life!"
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Stop! Thief!
The Total Member Involvement group says hi! Keep checking back for more updates!
Getting ready for Total Member Involvement in Romania.
"Sometimes God heals our physical maladies immediately, but other times it may take time, or, if He wills, that healing may not happen until the second coming. But one thing we know, there is one prayer that He will always answer—and that’s the prayer for deliverance from sin."
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10 Days of Prayer in the Hospital – by Zac Page
When the January 12, 2010 earthquake destroyed much of Haiti, killing 300,000 people, faithful Adventists remained dedicated to mission. Whether that meant witnessing to the faithfulness of God despite the heartbreak of losing loved ones, or meeting the needs of survivors, members in Haiti stood by their convictions and threw themselves into service.
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Revival for Mission - Dedication and Victory