Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation
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Today, we join others around the globe in marching for climate action. As we march, we know the US’ Paris Agreement pledge continues to be at risk. We ask that you also join us in supporting's petition to freeze new fossil fuel development and help protect our Paris Agreement commitment. The goal is 60k signatures – we’re almost there! #ClimateMarch
Today we join others around the globe in marching for climate action

Sign the Petition: Freeze All New Fossil Fuel Projects
Ryan Wicker
Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation
04/28/2017 at 16:34. Facebook
At Seventh Generation, we made a promise the moment we named our brand. It’s a promise that is inspired by The Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy – that in our every deliberation we consider the impact on the next seven generations.
Seventh Generation 04/28/2017

How We Work: Seventh Generation’s Principle of Precaution
Seventh Generation
Seventh Generation
04/27/2017 at 14:16. Facebook
Join us, Women's Voices for the Earth, Congresswoman Grace Meng and others in our fight for ingredient disclosure across all feminine care products. If you’re in DC, rally for your right to know on Capitol Hill Tuesday, May 23rd: [ Link ] If you can’t rally in person, tweet your representative!
Join us Womens Voices for the Earth Congresswoman Grace Meng and others

Act Now! Tweet Your Representative
Ember Leigh
C. L. Edwards
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Celebrate every day like it's #EarthDay.
Celebrate every day like its EarthDay
Carlie Thompson
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It's no myth: carbon dioxide is a major source of global warming pollution.
Jack Frenchu
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Amanda Henry
We've teamed up with Women's Voices for the Earth to fight for a woman’s right to know what’s in her tampons and pads. We’re taking the fight to Congress with the support of Grace Meng.

Learn more from Executive Director Erin Switalski below and join us May 23rd in Washington, DC for a day of action! RSVP here: [ Link ]
Weve teamed up with Womens Voices for the Earth to fight for

Women's Voices of the Earth & Seventh Generation Team Up for Women's Right to Know. Period.
Alyssa Mellinger
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Next myth to bust: recycling - is it really worth it?
Matt Hill
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Jody Barrong Williams
This Earth Month, our community is helping us bust common myths about climate change.
Lotus Pino Root
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Kimberly Light
As gambles go, 97% odds are a no-brainer. Ninety-seven percent chance you’ll win Powerball? Who’d refuse that ticket? Ninety-seven percent chance this pill restores a full head of hair? Water, please. Ninety-seven percent chance the sun will shine? Pack the picnic basket.
Seventh Generation 04/08/2017

The Truth About Climate Change & Myths Ripe for Debunking
MaryBeth Pearson
Heather Schmidt
Brenda Nusbaum
Cynthia Hansen
With the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables spring brings with its arrival, the season is the perfect time for getting in the kitchen! Before you start crafting new meals and entertaining friends and family, give your kitchen a deep clean with these spring-cleaning tips.
Seventh Generation 03/30/2017

Spring Cleaning Tips for the Kitchen
Maria Corey
Today, an executive order was signed that directed the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency to start rolling back the Clean Power Plan. This would not only be a leap backwards for climate progress - it would also put the US’ Paris Agreement pledge at risk. Learn more about the implications. #MoveForward
Today an executive order was signed that directed the US Environmental Protection

Trump's repeal of climate rules means U.S. cannot meet Paris goals
Chely Frantzen
Melanie De Cola
Bill Mayo
We've got the right crew to help tackle all of your spring cleaning needs. Learn more at
Paul Harrison
Lisa Nelson-Jones
Bobbie Fagga
Microloans help entrepreneurs launch small businesses like food carts, door-to-door cosmetic sales, at-home bakeries and flower shops, among many others! We're proud to contribute to Whole Planet Foundation and help families around the globe lift themselves out of poverty.
Microloans help entrepreneurs launch small businesses like food carts doortodoor

Whole Planet Foundation
Robert Schrader
Whole Planet Foundation
Sienna Wolf
The pursuit of a simpler, healthier lifestyle often has as much to do with what we choose to leave out as it does with adding new routines and habits. Whether it’s stress, screen time, inflammation, or problematic foods, there are plenty of things we...
Seventh Generation 03/23/2017

Spring Clean Your Shopping Routine
Cruelty-free cleaning for every season. Learn more about the Leaping Bunny program: [ Link ]
Crueltyfree cleaning for every season Learn more about the Leaping Bunny program:
Paul Harrison
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Brooke Duncan
Spring is traditionally the time when we give windows, patios, and yards a good old-fashioned deep clean. As the flowers bloom, leaves sprout, and the air warms, it’s only natural to also feel motivated to tidy our homes, be more productive, and turn over a new leaf.
Seventh Generation 03/20/2017

8 Ways to Declutter and Organize Your Life
Brenda Nusbaum
Jessica Franklin
Krista Dailey
The recent proposal to cut federal budgets puts our people and planet at risk. If passed, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency funding could be cut by 31%, allowing crucial steps towards climate progress like the Clean Power Plan to begin to unravel. Now more than ever, we must take a stand for our environment and our future generations.
The recent proposal to cut federal budgets puts our people and planet

A Climate Ripe for Change
April Hilliard
Stacey Langworthy
Rose Jordan
Our fragrances come from fields, not factories.
Anika Hughes
Lynne Palankey May
Cece Membrez
On the forum, we asked Generation Good members to tell us about their gardens. Many of you have a garden (or want to), but getting it started each spring can be a challenge.
Seventh Generation 03/13/2017

Start Seeds Indoors for a Bountiful Garden
Jelena Tucovic
Amanda D. Flake
Haley Wallace