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Happy New Year

(c) stockcreations, Shutterstock
Huge amounts of snow in North Dakota, USA on Monday.
(c) Severe Weather World
Snow on palm trees - quite an uncommon scene in Sochi, Russia.
(c) Maxim Gololobov
Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all of you
Stunningly beautiful sky in Tatry, Poland a few day ago.

(c) Paweł Uchorczak
Last week near Sochi, Russia - HUGE amounts of snow (c) Meteo Balkans

Do you wish for snow for Christmas? ⛄ ❄
Pretty amazing picture of lenticular clouds taken in Ciucas mountains, Romania
(c) Horia Petrescu
Geminid meteor shower over Bergen, Norway on Dec, 14th.
(c) Ronny Tertens
Wanna come in? Oh wait ...
North Dakota, USA last week (c) L. Otradovec
What a great picture of the mist over Dubai a couple of day ago!
(c) Beno Saradzic
Huge amounts of snow in Murmansk, Russia on the weekend.
(c) Larisa Fedorova
The sky and clouds are on fire
(c) Valentino Coser
That's a lot of snow in Bismarck, North Dakota (USA) on November 29th

(c) WeatherNation
Unbelievable Cumulonimbus clouds over the Neuquén, Argentina end of November
(c) Seba Cariñanco
Amazing picture of lenticular clouds over Oregon, USA

(c) Majeed Badizadegan
What better way than to start the week with a beautiful double rainbow seen in West Dorset District, UK.
(c) Edward Taft
Flash floods caused by huge amounts of rain.
What a mighty fine shelf cloud
(c) German Moreno