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That's a lot of snow in Bismarck, North Dakota (USA) on November 29th

(c) WeatherNation
Unbelievable Cumulonimbus clouds over the Neuquén, Argentina end of November
(c) Seba Cariñanco
Amazing picture of lenticular clouds over Oregon, USA

(c) Majeed Badizadegan
What better way than to start the week with a beautiful double rainbow seen in West Dorset District, UK.
(c) Edward Taft
Flash floods caused by huge amounts of rain.
What a mighty fine shelf cloud
(c) German Moreno
Looking surreal and impressive at the same time! Severe weather in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
(c) Emmanuel Violet Smith
This shot is just so impressive isn't it?
(c) golinicarlos
Oh hi there punch hole cloud seen in Lorraine area, France.
(c) Thomas Rossi
Incredible picture of the supermoon from New Zealand (c) Ömer T.

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Spectacular photo of lenticular clouds over Laguna del Laja, Chile this month.
(c) Fernando Cares
Incredible storm in Mar Del Plata, Argentina on Nov. 14th, 2016
(c) LoreTa-MDQ
Autumn and winter in one picture - so beautiful isn't it?
Veliko Ubeljsko, Slovenia
(c) Marko Korošec
Winterwonderland in Kolasin, Montenegro
(c) Ivan Grdinic
Composite picture of a thunderstorm in Las-Palmas, Spain last week.
(c) Alberto Vera
Last night winter came to Stockholm, Sweden with up to 50 cm of snow!
(c) Karina Polyakova
Insane picture of a sky full of cumulonimbus
(c) Instagram
Just a little bit of snow in Moscow, Russia
(c) Cyclone Of Rhodes
Hello beautiful Morning Glory cloud! Seen in Smilde, Netherlands
(c) Arno Hummel