Look at this hard rime at top of Jahorina mountains in Bosnia and Herzegovina!
© David Poupinel
Great shot of a double rainbow during sunset from Belgrade, Serbia.
(c) Miloš Tošković
Incredibly huge shelf cloud over Cachoeira Do Bom Jesus, Santa Catarina, Brazil last week
(c) Paloma Aldana Pereyra
Amazing Aurora Borealis over Tromsø, Norway
(c) Hendrik Zwart
Unbelievable natural spectacle! Have you ever seen an upward lightning before?
How pretty is this frosty morning landscape?
(c) Alexey Argentum
What a storm in Brighton, England last Thursday
(c) isaacbrighton91, Instagram
That's a lot of rime in Javornik, Slovenia as seen last week
(c) Urban Vendramin
Look at this sky! Polar stratospheric clouds over Sweden earlier this week.
(c) Mia Stålnacke
Thunderstorm with lightning last Tuesday morning in Lissabon, Portugal ⚡
(c) Nuno Batista
The (calm) clouds before the (thunder)storm in Cuba last week
(c) saritaontour
Incredibly heavy snow fall in Iasi, Romania a couple of days ago.
(c) Sorin Untu
This is a gigantic wave Taken off the coast of Galicia, Spain last weekend.
© Monica Esteve Gomez
Look at all that snow in St. Petersburg, Russia on Sunday night!
© Georgy Kovalevsky
A dip in the snow anyone?
Even the Black Sea is partly frozen. This photo was taken near Odessa, Ukraine.
(c) Irina Agura