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Our newly transformed 7th floor opens next week with three must-see exhibitions:

William Kentridge 'The Refusal of Time'→ sfmoma.me/RefusalOfTime

Runa Islam 'Verso'→ sfmoma.me/RunaIslam

'A Slow Succession with Many Interruptions'→ sfmoma.me/SlowSuccession
We are so excited to announce the 2017 #SECA Art Award winners (in order of appearance) Alicia McCarthy, K.r.m. Mooney, Liam Everett, Lindsey White, and Sean McFarland!
Looking for the perfect gift? We'll help you #GiveArtfully this holiday season!

Gift Ideas at the SFMOMA Museum Store

For #WorldAidsDay, Visual AIDS is being featured on SFMOMA's Open Space with #COMPULSIVEPRACTICE, a video compilation curated by Jean Carlomusto, Alexandra Juhasz, and Hugh Ryan of compulsive, daily practices by nine artists and activists as they reflect upon how they are deeply affected by HIV/AIDS. #WAD2016 #daywithoutart

Day With(out) Art 2016: COMPULSIVE PRACTICE

What makes a self-portrait?

SFMOMA's Director Neal Benezra had the same question when he visited SFMOMA as a young boy. He came across this work by Clyfford Still and wondered how it could be called a self-portrait. Benezra's father explained that Still’s use of color and form was able to express the essence of the artist. Still himself said “I paint only myself, not nature.” Moved by this...
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Just in time for your commute: a conversation between art critic Douglas Crimp and Open Space editor-in-chief Claudia La Rocco.

Crimp’s new book, Before Pictures, addresses the intersection of the queer scene & the art scene in 1970’s NYC. Crimp's goal was "to make a new kind of narrative that would disrupt the existing ones.”

Read the full conversation here: [ Sfmoma.me Link ]
Love talking about art? Be the catalyst of thought-provoking discussion while opening visitor's minds as an SFMOMA Museum Guide. This #GivingTuesday, give the gift of of discovery and understanding to those looking for more. Applications now open! #newSFMOMA

Museum Guides

“Photo devil” Nobuyoshi Araki discusses his freewheeling method of capturing his subjects. Rather than aiming for perfection, he embraces all the noise and flaws that come with shooting. #newSFMOMA

Nobuyoshi Araki’s “more is more” approach to photography

Because poetry with your morning coffee is never a bad idea, courtesy of Amanda Nadelberg. Here's a sneak peak:

Eight-letter word rounds its duration
From the factory of good vibrations
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday
Monday, happy, dazed ours, to have
Laid down on light."

from There Have Been Some Days I Didn’t Know Your Name

As labor and class issues dominate the headlines, it's important to consider people whose trade is creativity. From writers to painters to poets to performers, hear how these artists grapple with doing what they love and getting paid to do it→ sfmoma.me/CreativeLabor

[Claudia La Rocco in Taste, a site-specific performance and installation created by Rashaun Mitchell and Silas Riener in...
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In this season of thankfulness, there is nothing we are more grateful for than our community.

Our mission to make the art for our time a meaningful part of public life is more critical than ever. SFMOMA is a place where constructive discourse flourishes and where people from all backgrounds can find common ground.

We seek to be a place that provides a sense of belonging for all who come...
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Eater​ just named In Situ's Cory Lee the Chef of the Year! Bill Addison writes, "like a work of art, the food is as wonderful to look at as it is to savor. With the debut of In Situ, it’s clear Lee is an unstoppable genius." #newSFMOMA

Eater Awards 2016: The National Winners

"Too often we tend to reduce what is strange to what is familiar. I intend to restore the familiar to the strange." René Magritte

#HBD to Rene Magritte, born #onthisday in 1898 Magritte upset the order of language and objects by making us question what exactly we're looking at. Enjoy this reality lesson from the Surrealist himself.

What is cheese? A reality lesson from René Magritte

"In essence, by bringing internal aspects of the museum outwards, and inviting external partners in, the goal was to ask ourselves: what do our efforts make possible and for whom? What kind of change would we like to see? And how do we work together? Conversations were often (inevitably) uncomfortable but invariably revealing." -Deena Chalabi

Thinking with Strangers

Get inside Jacolby Satterwhite's head--literally--during his Performance in Progress this weekend featuring 'En Plein Air: Music of Objective Romance.' Explore the concept of family, pop culture, and queer identity through Satterwhite's eyes→sfmoma.me/JSatterwhite #JacolbySatterwhite #newSFMOMA

Please Enter the Mind of Jacolby Satterwhite

Happy Birthday to American painter, Wayne Thiebaud, born #onthisday in 1920 Here is Thiebaud at the #newSFMOMA looking closely at his 'Valley Streets, 2003.' Thiebaud says that "if you stare at an object, as you do when you paint, there is no point at which you stop learning things from it."

: Drew Altizer Photography
Do you love to facilitate dialogue and discovery about art? Are you so art obsessed that your friends think you're weird? We've been looking for you! SFMOMA's Museum Guide application is now open, tag someone that you think would do an amazing job #newSFMOMA

Museum Guides

"I could realistically keep photographing this subject, making these kinds of pictures, forever.” -Anthony Hernandez

SFMOMA's own AV technician Paul Clipson and photographer Anthony Hernandez discuss the power of the camera to transform abandoned spaces, including the ghostly Los Angeles tunnel seen in M, Blade Runner, The Terminator, Gattaca, and Kill Bill Volume 1.

Read ‘Forgotten Spaces’...
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Forgotten Spaces: Anthony Hernandez and Paul Clipson on L.A.’s 2nd Street Tunnel

"...all of the sudden instead of being an artist that made a couple short films, I became a filmmaker who dabbled in the arts." -Bruce Conner

As an extension of Bruce Conner: It's All True, now #onview at SFMOMA, we've established a digital screening room for Conner's films→ sfmoma.me/ConnerScreening #itsalltrue #BruceConner

[Bruce Conner, TEN SECOND FILM, 1965; 16mm film, silent; 0:10 min.;...
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