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#Shaadi Buzz: A warm hug can make any day a thousand times better! <3 #WorldHugDay
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#Shaadi Humour: When the week refuses to get along, and Friday Saturday and Sunday are waiting!
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#Shaadi Quote: It's never easy, but it's worth it in the end! #lovequote
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#Shaadi Celeb: "I'd like my woman to be just herself with me, regardless of how she is with the world. And she should be able to make me be myself, that's very important too." - Arjun Kapoor

Do you think it's important to be able to be yourself in love?
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#Shaadi Live: "What you seek is seeking you." - Rumi <3

Afroze & Faroq always believed it was meant to be. Do you?
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#Shaadi Humour: When the pizza guy brings you the wrong pizza!
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#Shaadi Buzz: There's a nothing a hug can't change! <3 #WorldHugDay
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#Shaadi Humour: The lives we aspire for, the life we live towards..:P
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#Shaadi Scribbles: How deep is your love? #lovequote
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#Shaadi Celeb: "If you have such a good group of people who give you such unconditional support and love you, you will be fine. And my family is my biggest strength and support" - Sonam Kapoor
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#Shaadi Buzz: The things love can make you feel! <3
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#Shaadi Humour: Your mental reply when someone asks you what you spent your weekend doing!
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#Shaadi Humour: That feeling when you see your loved one sleep comfortably!
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#Shaadi Scribbles: There is never enough time for love! #lovequote
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#Shaadi Scribbles: If they care, they will be around. #Love #LoveQuotes
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#Shaadi Celeb: "You are single until you're married." -Priyanka Chopra

Do you agree with Priyanka Chopra's view about being single?
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#Shaadi Humour: When you can finally leave office to meet your loved ones!
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#Shaadi Humour: When you practice for your best friend's wedding sangeet!
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#Shaadi Buzz: "I want to travel the world with you!"