His Smile ❤
Wit at its best as always !! <3
Sometimes the quiet cold is what u need to make you feel warm….
- Shah Rukh Khan
Duniya mein kitni hai nafratein,
Phir bhi dilon mein hai chahatein,
Mar bhi jaaye pyar waale,
Mitt bhi jaaye yaar waale,
Zinda rehti he unki Mohabbatein <3
Raj And Simran
Dev Babu
Don With Roma
His Walk Will Kill Every Girls
Cuteness Overall
Shah Rukh Khan could have done #Dangal but could Aamir Khan have done FAN ?
- Nadia Jerideini #Cairo #Egypt
Guess the Movie?
Like if you are watching FAN on Sony Max HD. <3
Tap To Hear | They say you can hear the violins play when you see the special one! Ram did, did you? ❤
SRK: "It's okay to be confused. Confusion is the route to all the clarity in the world."
Handsome King Khan ❤❤❤
When you're in love ❤