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প্রবাসে বাংলা গানের রত্ম শাহানা কাজী

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Kumar Sanu and Alka Yagnik will be performing live with full symphony orchestra of 20 musicians on April 29 at 7:00 p.m. @ the Hershey Centre, Mississauga. Tickets available on ticketmaster.
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Love you all ❤ [ Link ]
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Happy #FamilyDay Canada!
Happy National Flag of Canada Day! On February 15, 1965 our beautiful Canadian flag was raised for the first time on Parliament Hill. #CanadianFlag #Canada150
Happy #ValentinesDay! ❤ [ Link ]
It was a snowy Sunday. This is how it looked when I was trying to pull out one of my vehicles from the drive way in the morning and it's still snowing.
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A weekend fun moment.
Checking to see how everyone is doing today!
More of my pics: [ Link ]
Here's a pic of myself (Shahana Quazi) with Mika Singh and my producer Shahed Quazi in Toronto last year.
Totally shocked and saddened by the news of passing away of Om Puri, one of Bollywood's finest actors. He will always be remembered. #RIPOmPuri [ Link ]

Bollywood icon Om Puri dead aged 66 'after suffering heart attack'
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সফলতা নিয়ে শুরু শাহানা কাজীর নতুন বছর (Daily Ittefaq)
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সফলতা নিয়ে শুরু শাহানা কাজীর নতুন বছর (Weekly Desher Alo, January 10, 2016)
নতুন গান নিয়ে আসছেন শাহানা কাজী (The Daily Inqilab)
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Hope the New Year is treating you all very well thus far.

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নতুন গান নিয়ে শাহানা কাজী (The Daily Protidiner Sangbad)
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নতুন গান নিয়ে শাহানা কাজী (Sangbad)
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