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01/19/2017 at 12:37. Facebook
To Love Life is to bring a little more music, a little more poetry, a little more dance. :) #lovemylife
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01/16/2017 at 14:18. Facebook
Enter the #StoreContest and Answer simple questions about Nritya Shakti Store #DanceWear
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#throwback to the time when Ranbir Kapoor visited Dance Plus sets !
Shakti Mohan
01/14/2017 at 13:39. Facebook
So many festivals today
Wishing everyone a lot of happiness and Good health
#India celebrating so many cultures and diversities.
Shakti Mohan
01/14/2017 at 12:09. Facebook
Sister time !
I have always wanted to create a clothing line for Dancers. I believe dancers are so unique and they love dressing up in a certain way. As a kid I have looked for clothes in shops with DANCE written on it or something I related to. I wanted to wear my identity... I still remember my first ever dance tracks that my sister Neeti got for me from Broadway dance Center,NYC... I wore it for days and...
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Nritya Shakti Store - DanceWear ONLINE

Exclusive DanceWear curated by Shakti Mohan keeping with the popular dance culture in India. A perfect rehearsal, gym and casual wear for all age groups. #Ma...

Happy Birthday to my favorite Hrithik Roshan ! I hope you have an amazing life ahead , lots of love and luck sir ❀
Miss the #danceplus team
Raghav Juyal Dharmesh Sir
#throwback to this beautiful picture of the Mohan family
I'm definitely one of the #SelfieLovers and love reporting parties with #GioneeS6s with #SelfieFlash. Are you ? If yes , then you are a true party reporter too.
I have been told I sit like a man, I walk like a man, your body looks masculine and voice is heavy not female like. I have been told to be more feminine by well meaning people.
I wasted many years trying to be who I am not in my effort to fit in.
I don't know why the world is after making you fit in to a category. Be You and stop fulfilling people's expectations of you to look busty, assy,...
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My first dance in Nritya Shakti Studio with Somya
Met her a few months back and found a great dancer, person and sister in her... She is off to New York now to study at Broadway Dance Center. Got super emotional dancing this piece with you. I will miss you and I hope you come back soon and we dance more n more together. #ChannaMereya #nrityashaktistudio
Here's wishing a very Happy Birthday to Salman Khan !

Remo D'souza STAR Plus
Wishing everyone a wonderful and blessed Christmas
Be a Bathroom Dancer -
Pour your heart out and unleash the real talent you are deep deep down :P
Mad,uninhibited YOU "Bathroom Dancer"
One of Shakti Mohan's favourite
Tshirts in the collection.

DanceWear by Shakti Mohan
#nrityashaktistore #MadeWithLoveforDancers

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Superbly talented people have made these pictures happen. Thank you team :)
Photographer: Munjal Gandhi
Make up: Neeraj Navare, Hair: Anita
Stylist: Saachi :)
DanceWear by Shakti Mohan

My dearest Papa,
I owe all my happiness to you today, As a father struggles you had right from the moment your four daughters were born, Your countless unspoken battles with the society to have your daughters not married or do the usual, every decision you made for us to invest in ourselves as people and not become what society expected of us.
You encouraged us at every moment to celebrate...
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Shakti with sisters to support the debut of FRIEND , Aparshakti Khurrana in #Dangal