Shalini Ajith
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Lovely <3
Shalini Ajith
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Latest Pics Of Shalini Ajith with #AnoushkaAjith and #AadvikAjith
Shalini Ajith
03/23/2017 at 07:18. Facebook
With Aadvik <3 #Latest
VIVEGAM location Ajith <3
Like Shamlee <3

To all the Women :) She is our Mother,Wife,Daughter,Friend,Caretaker everything :) #HappyWomensDay :)
Shamlee <3
Image taken today with Thala Autograph :)
#KuttyThala #AadvikAjith Birthday Wall Painting by Temple City Ajith Fans-Madurai !!
Images taken today evening :)
24 February 1948 Our Former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu Jayalalithaa Madam was born <3 Even though she is not with us today,her legacy will Continue :) #HappyBirthdayIronLady
If you're struggling in life, Ajith will be there to Lift you up. That's THALA - Ramesh Khanna shares his real life story of how Ajith helped him live his Dream life after 13 years of Struggle. INSPIRING !

'If You're Struggling, Ajith will be there to lift you up'

In segment 2 of 'Ragalai' with Ramesh Khanna, he talks about his days with Thala Ajith, how he was back then and how he is now. Their journey together, Writi...