Shane Harper
02/20/2017 at 03:42. Facebook
Happy birthday sis!! Don't know what I'd do or who I'd be without you Xx Love you so much
Happy Vday everyone. Thank you for all the birthday love!! [ Link ] #LikeiDidacoustic
The kind folks over at @loveyourmelon always have my support. The work they do is so deeply needed.
Sometimes the most painful things life can offer have the ability, if you allow them, to expose a beauty that is eternal.
To all the brave children battling cancer; we love you.
Love seeing your musical.lys to Satellite for #NextWaveJanuary! Keep sending them my way. Ashley, you nailed this :)
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Missing tour
Awesome moves Alessandra! Who else has been dancing to Satellite? Let me see what you got on!
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You can hear “Satellite” on SiriusXM The Pulse this weekend! Tune in at [ Link ]. Thanks Pat Train FRI 10PM / SAT 1AM 10AM 5PM / SUN 11AM / TUE 12AM (EST)
You can hear “Satellite” on SiriusXM The Pulse’s #TrainTracks this weekend! Tune in here: [ Link ]
Thanks Pat! Train
FRI 10PM / SAT 1AM 10AM 5PM / SUN 11AM / TUE 12AM (EST)
Throwback @zacpoor
You can shine bright. Sail through the air like a #Satellite #nextwavejanuary
You're shooting up high #nextwavejanuary (via Gabe Berreondo)
Rainy day at Harry Potter World ☔
Nothing in the world can hold you down this time #nextwavejanuary
[ Link ] #ramennnsquad (u/n topp_ramennn)
#Satellite is part of's #NextWaveJanuary! Use it in one of your vids & I'll share some faves

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My rockstar fitness guru of a sister makin headlines ???? proud of you @thesamgarcia Xx
New year, who dis?
1952 • This film was truly inspirational to me as a young kid getting into dance, musical theatre, and the performing arts. Debbie Reynolds' legacy will dance on for generations to come. Rest In Peace x
TJ maxx on fleek
Merry Christmas
Thank you @craighillcompany for the early Christmas gift