Shane O'neill
02/25/2017 at 01:23. Facebook
‪The spots were insane on this trip. Firecracker slidin! ‬
Always caveman before skating rails. This one was scary
Filming mission! This spot is insane ✌
Congrats to Diego for turning pro for primitive. Hyped to skate this board!!
Ishod !
Injured life! Hopefully only a few days off the board. What's ya PSN or steam? Adding more people to play ✌
Little bar is too fun! Happy Australia Day!
‪WOW! Madars, Ollie. Jake Darwen photo! ‬
On the weekend mission. New set up is feelin good! Still working on the video ☁✌
Lewis with the SW 360 flip! We all miss you ❤
Few more days in Melbourne! ☁
Skatin in Melbourne! Thanks for all of the messages regarding the populist/birthday all much appreciated ✌
‪Happy birthday Paul! killing it in Aus back in the day!‬
2 weeks home in Australia ✌
‪Switch heelflip by Paul. have a good holiday people ! Get some skating in ✌‬