As expected CAV & the Commonwealth charity regulators have cleared the Shane Warne foundation of any wrong doing besides one late lodging of annual accounts by the due date in 2015. The foundation, myself, management, ambassadors and the board have always maintained that nothing inappropriate had occurred & now it's official after these thorough investigations. It's disappointing one...
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Last chance followers ! Thanks to everyone who has downloaded my emojis so far for free, especially Mark "Tubby" Taylor who loves them ! Hahah ✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔✔
Lots of fun bowling to this #legend Andrew Johns today on the #cricketshow ! As I've told you before buddy, always wear protection hahah
Coming up on Ch 9 Tubby & I analyse Nathan Lyons bowling in the Sydney rain ☔!!!!
We are all supporting our mate Glenn for the mcgrathfoundation #pinktest here at the SCG ! So glad the rain has stopped. Please check out our Sportsmate app & follow the links to support the janemcgrathday
Bit of silly fun pretending to be dicky knee with Chaps, Slats aka Micko & Tubby this morning in rehearsals ...
On behalf of all of us at Sportsmate we're delighted to be supporting the #McGrath foundation & turning pink. Click below for details !
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Great fun last night as we all went back to school ! Thanks again to #VDK6100 for the outstanding Vodka and bar ! Awesome....
Happy new year to everyone & let's make 2017 the best year yet
Fun night ahead as we all go back to school for NYE hahah
Here's to a great 2017 & Thankyou to all of you for being so wonderful. Be safe x
With all the talk about the spinners this summer. I thought I would put together a graph of the main spinners who have toured Australia in the last 25/30 years, it made for very interesting reading & shows you how the spinners have all struggled on Australian shores. Plus how well the Australian batsmen have played them too ! Plenty of reasons why this is the case, but the main two reasons are...
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Merry Christmas everyone ! Hope you've had a great day ! Here's to a cracking 2017
Just got sent this link and pic from the Coldplay concert, wanted to share it with you all !!!!!

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Shane Warne joins Coldplay onstage to play harmonica - Cricket
A pic from Saturday nights coldplay concert ! #Harmonica #mates #fun. I'm so thankful for the opportunity, was such an awesome experience & thankyou to the amazing crowd too who were very nice & cheered loudly !!!!
Now time to head to Brisbane for the D/N test match. Should be a great series as both sides have very good bowling attacks, fielding & batting the key.
See you there under the...
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Thankyou to my good friends Chris, Will, Johnny & Guy for inviting me on stage with you last night. I'm very grateful for that amazing experience & was truely an honour to join you. Also, a huge thankyou to the crowd for being so nice & cheering me when I played the harmonica (badly), you were all very very kind & awesome ! @coldplay #HFODT #Melbourne #concert

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On the fitness train at the moment, early starts hitting the gym & the pavement ! Need to get in shape after a big 6 months @WarnieMojis