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Fabulous night Stella McCartney
Shania Twain
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Shania Twain
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Happy Sunday everyone!
Can't wait to share new music in 2017...some big notes coming your way
It’s an honour to be a part of the Country Music Hall of Fame and Museum exhibitions for 2017. Being able to re-visit favourite costumes, photographs and memories from my career has been a special feeling, especially as this year will see a new stage for me with a brand new album! I’m very excited to have these important creative moments on display. [ Link ]
Soaking up some culture in New York... and snow! ❄
It's back! ???? ????
Happy New Year! I want to say a huge thank you to all of you for your continued love and support. You have been incredibly patient, and I am so excited to finally share new music with you this year.
2017, i’m gonna getcha good
Here's to all the great women
Wishing you all a cosy Christmas spent with loved ones
“Music is for our lives. It’s something we live with, and that we live by. It isn't just a thing; it’s not like a house, it’s not like having a car, it’s not even like having a child. It’s different, it’s more internal than that. We can interpret a song the way we want to. So I can write a song, but you can interpret it any way you want and it’s yours. It’s personal, it’s yours to have”
I had such a great time at the Billboard Women In Music Awards, it had a really positive, community spirit about it. So many amazing women
Thank you for having me New York!
Always so nice to see Mariah Carey! It was a great night at the ‘All I Want For Christmas’ show
Nick Jonas. The perfect gentleman. It’s such a pleasure getting to know him better.
Watch Billboard's Women In Music Awards tonight on Lifetime at 9pm ET
The boss at work...
"I love to write stories. Songwriting is my favorite part of what I do. I like to give every song its own personality and attitude and to sing each one in its own style."
Repost Nick Jonas - such a pleasure to accept the Billboard honour from you. Excited to see your Shania cover band anytime!