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A car crash left her paralyzed, but she was determined to walk on her wedding day

Groom anxiously waits for doors to open, is shocked when paralyzed bride walks through

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Denise Beaudin and Robert Evans vanished with their infant daughter shortly after Thanksgiving in 1981. Beaudin's family quickly assumed they wanted to disappear. That is, until Evans and the couple's daughter were both found alive and well -- with Beaudin nowhere in sight -- 35 years later.

Parents Disappear With Infant Daughter In 1981. When Dad And Daughter Are Found Alive 35 Years Later, Cops Wonder What Happened To Mom

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This is such a delicious and healthy alternative!
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This 80-year-old Chinese model is all the inspiration you need to be more healthy! You've gotta read about his amazing life journey so far--and it seems like it's just getting started. There are some gold nuggets of wisdom in there as well, from Wang himself.

This 80 year old Chinese model is living proof that you're never too old to follow your dreams

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A surveillance camera caught the disturbing moment this little girl's doll suddenly moves its head on its own - but that wasn't even the most troubling part.

Surveillance Camera Catches Odd Moment When Doll Comes To Life (Video)

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She had fallen into such a deep depression that she wouldn't leave her house, but a generous gift changed her life!

This Woman Was Relentlessly Bullied Over Her Teeth — But Now She's Completely Unrecognizable

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Dad needed more time to be sure his son was brain dead. He pulled out a gun to buy himself those precious hours

Doctors threaten to take 'brain-dead' son off life support. Dad pulls gun to buy time

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Once you learn what vaseline does, you will be shocked!

This Is Why You Need To Stop Using Vaseline!

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The second the knife-wielding intruder burst into the apartment, he began slashing and stabbing the mom in the head. Without a moment of hesitation, her two young boys jumped in and tried to take down the man, but he started slashing them too. That's when the younger boy remembered what they had in the kitchen.

Boy Tries To Save Mom From A Knife-Wielding Intruder. That's When His Little Brother Remembers What's In The Kitchen

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Light blue isn’t a color normally found on the inside of a tree, but it was the color Trevor and Tayler Hager were looking for. How do you think it got there?

Tattooed Lumberjack Chops Down Tree, But Does A Double Take When He Sees Blue On The Inside

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This used to be a popular resort filled with people, now it's a ghost town.

No One Has Entered This Resort For 20 Years, The Reason Why Is Deadly

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How did this even get here? This is such a crazy find. It must be worth a ton!

He Spots Metal Rod Sticking Out Of Wood Stump. Splits It Open, Leads To Unprecedented Find

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