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She's saying what a lot of women are thinking. Do you agree with her?

Dear Husband: I’m Not the Person You Married.
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I did!
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"Not sure which I'm in more shock of, the cat being thrown out a window of a moving vehicle on 196 or my son flying out of my car onto the highway and diving into an overpass to rescue a cat."

Cat is thrown out of a window on a highway. Then 14-year-old dives to save his life
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Something in her heart was telling her to adopt a second daughter... That's when she heard the story of the tiny girl who was found in the dump without a nose. Little did she know, a surgeon was about to give her a completely new look... and the result is incredible.

Baby Found In Dump, After Animals Eat Her Nose. After Adoption, Surgeon Gives Free Transformation
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We eat a lot of shrimps and this recipe is AMAZING!
She noticed a small note tucked in on the tray and once she read it she was overwhelmed completely. This is humanity at its best.

Hungry Mom In McDonald’s Breaks Down In Tears After Reading Anonymous 12-Word Note.
Do YOU like black licorice? Share this with your answer!

This Is What Liking Black Licorice Says About You
Authorities are sending a serious warning to parents: If you see these marks on your child, stop it now.

Officials To Parents: If You See These Marks On Your Kids, Something Serious Is Happening
While applying for a job, Taylor didn't think it would be a problem to ask the company what the compensation and benefits would be, so she sent them an email before her interview. She was speechless when she saw their response.

Woman Asks About Compensation And Benefits, Is Stunned By The Response