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A father made a tragic discovery one morning when he ventured out to a shed on his property and found the unthinkable. This is so sad.

Dad Has Bad Feeling But Knows He Has To Check His Shed, Cops Soon Swarm Property
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While dressed as "Nelda," Geneva Robinson did unspeakable things to her 7-year-old granddaughter -- and blamed it on her evil alter ego. At one point, Robinson even tried to have the little girl committed, claiming she just couldn't "control" her. Right away, it was obvious what the grandmother had done.

Update: Grandmother Dresses Up Like A Witch And Calls Herself 'Nelda,' Then Forces Her Granddaughter To Sleep With The Dogs. Now The Little Girl Is Finally Getting Justice
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There are 6 women, but only 5 pairs of legs—what's the deal?

Optical Illusion Challenge: Can You Find The Missing Legs?
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Kim Bellus spends roughly four hours each day walking her son Gabe to school because the buses won't pick him up. After the local news station reported about her long walk, a total stranger pulled over when she noticed them on the road

School Bus Refused To Pick Up This Child. Then A Strange Car Stops To Offer Him A Ride
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Gary Ashmore’s hen, Gertrude, has a history of laying jumbo-size eggs as big as his palm, but this time he decided to film himself opening one to take a look at what’s inside. There was a yellow yolk, as expected, but it was the red blob at the bottom that confused him.

Man Finds Red Blob Inside Giant Egg, Then Dumps It In A Bowl To Take A Closer Look
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Neighbors noticed this woman putting Irish spring soap in her yard and assumed she was crazy. When they found out why she was doing it, they realized she's a genius.

Neighbors Finally Figure Out Why Woman Was Putting Irish Spring Soap In Her Yard
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Alan couldn't wait to see his family when he got off the USS Ronald Reagan. But when he saw what his son was wearing, he knew what his wife had been hiding from him while he was answering the call of duty.

Soldier Comes Home To Son, Then Realizes His Wife Has Been Keeping A Huge Secret
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This video is guaranteed to make you smile. If you, or someone you know, is in a sour mood today, play this one.

He Knows What Grandma Is About To Do Will Go Viral, So He Hits Record. Now She’s Famous
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A man was watching a prostitution bust by police on live TV when he suddenly realized this woman looked really familiar. It took him a minute, but as soon as he looked around him, he realized who it was.

Dad Finds Out Recognizes Prostitute On Live TV (Video)
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Barbara was in the drive-thru line at Dutch Bros. when she noticed the driver ahead was taking forever. Suddenly, 3 teenage employees leaned out the window, piled on top of one another and grabbed onto the driver's hand. Barbara pulled up and was stunned to learn what happened — but the teens had no idea she caught the whole thing on camera.

3 Teens Grab Onto Sobbing Woman At Drive-Thru, But Have No Clue The Lady Behind Is Filming
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How cute is this for your King or Queen?
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17-year-old Mohammad Hasher and his 6-year-old sister, Noor, have had a difficult time since their dad walked out on them. But the teen was baffled one morning when he found the little girl in a dress.

Dad Stops Speaking To Kids After Divorce. Months Later, Teen Sees Sister’s Dress And Is Stunned
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It was an extremely odd sight. A popular teacher at a local school was spotted sitting in a parked car, bobbing her head up and down. Up. Down. Up. Down. People couldn't figure out what she was doing. Then their eyes shifted a bit to right of her and they realized what was going on.

People Spot Teacher Sitting In Parked Car, Bobbing Up And Down, Quickly Realize What's Happening
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You may recognize this photo, but you don't know the whole story!

The Woman In This Embarrassing Viral Photo Shares Her Side Of The Story
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They knew their grandparents owned a store, but had no idea what it sold. The entire family was in for a true surprise…

He Finally Gets The Keys To Grandparents’ Store That’s Been Abandoned For 40 Years [57 photos]