Shark Week
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Shortfin makos are so fast that they can launch completely out of the air when attacking.

Mako Sharks Launch Like Rockets
Shark Week
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Dive in for a look at some of the most common shark myths and misconceptions.

Shark Myths and Misconceptions: The Misunderstood Animal
Shark Week
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These sharks are ready for their close up!

Sevengill Sharks Are Not Camera Shy
Shark Week
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Shark Week
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Have you ever seen any of these?

Sharks You've Probably Never Seen
Shark Week
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These sharks are feelin the love!

Shark Sex
Submerge yourself in this awesome underwater footage!

Tahiti Shark Diving With Eli Roth
Find out what happens when a shark comes face to face with a crocodile.

Andy Casagrande Talks Crocs vs. Sharks
Sharks are incredibly intelligent creatures.

Shark Uses Sun's Glare to Ambush Prey
Unfazed by nearby humans, some sharks will hunt for prey in the extreme shallows of beaches and will come right onto the beach for a meal.

How Sharks Hunt
How do shark eating habits stack up against those of humans?

Shark Eating Habits vs. Human Eating Habits
It's a shark vs. shark face off!

Hammerheads Hunt for Blacktip Sharks
This diver is seriously brave!

Diving With Great Whites
This discovery could help researchers develop a new bull shark repellent.

Can Bull Sharks Sense Crocodiles?
These sharks must have been really hungry!

13 Weird Things Found Inside A Shark's Stomach
Find out how sharks are hardwired to hunt their prey.

Shark Senses: Hardwired to Hunt
Meet the Pseudomegachasma, a now-extinct shark that lived in warm oceans nearly 100 million years ago.

Prehistoric Sharks: The Strange and Terrifying Prehistoric World
Come find out more about the endothermic nature of sharks.

Why Are Great Whites Warm-Blooded?