Shark Week
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The shortfin mako shark is the fastest shark in the ocean.

The Fastest Shark in the Ocean
Shark Week
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Are sharks more aggressive in the morning or at night?

Night and Day Difference
Shark Week
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Find out what happens when these sharks disappear from coral reefs.

Sharks and Coral Reefs
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Watch this shark feeding frenzy in action!

How Sharks Hunt: The Eating Machines
Shark Week
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Two photos suggest that a monster shark weighing up to 50 tons may still be roaming the ocean.

Evidence of a 50-Ton Megalodon?
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Large amounts of land-based pollution flows into the ocean every year, including toxic fertilizers, pesticides and excess nitrogen. For sharks, this can mean swimming in a cocktail of hazardous chemicals.

Shark Conservation: How You Can Help
Shark Week
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Did you know that worldwide, between 63 and 273 million sharks are killed every year as a result of targeted overfishing and bycatch.

Shark Conservation: How You Can Help
If you're into sharks and not afraid of getting a little wet, here are 16 incredible diving experiences around the world where you can get an up-close look at the ocean's top predators.

Where Sharks Live: The Surprising Places
Tiger sharks are known as "living garbage cans."

Tiger Shark
Shark eyes are similar to humans'; with irises and pupils that control the amount of light that is let in and lenses that help them focus.

Shark Senses: Hardwired to Hunt
Come learn more about the very important role sharks play in our oceans.

Why Do Sharks Matter?
A sharkโ€™s smell sensors (called olfactory receptors) are so highly developed that it can smell even a tiny bit of fish blood or guts dissolved in water.

Shark Senses: Hardwired to Hunt
Check out this frilled shark in action!

The Sharks Of The Deep
Have you ever wondered what goes on inside a shark? Find out here.

How Sharks Are Built: The Many Parts That Make A Shark
Check out these 9 very strange looking shark body plans.

How Sharks Are Built
Sharks may be known as the kings of the ocean, but even the biggest sharks in the sea can find themselves outmatched.

Shark Battles: When Sharks Take On Other Animals
#TBT: Friendly reminder to stay out of the shark's house!

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