03/26/2017 at 14:12. Facebook
The countdown begins to #AprilFoolsDay! Be on the lookout, the #PermanentPrankster has returned.
03/25/2017 at 12:40. Facebook
We believe owning our health means progress, not perfection. How is your health journey coming? #NutritionMonth #BuJo #BuJowithSharpie
03/23/2017 at 13:36. Facebook
We teamed up with our local Humane Society to celebrate #NationalPuppyDay! Check out the fun we had with the Humane Society staff, who introduced us to all the different pups! Every dog we met had a playful, bold personality and is looking for a permanent home… And what better way to raise awareness for dogs looking for permanent homes than with a Sharpie permanent marker?
03/20/2017. Facebook
Don't see spring when you look out the window? Create it with #Sharpie paint pens! #FirstDayOfSpring
03/17/2017. Facebook
We believe a bucket of metallic #Sharpie markers is as good as a pot of gold. #HappyStPattysDay
03/15/2017. Facebook
Don't forget to wear green on Friday... unless you are lucky enough to already have green eyes! #StPatricksDay
: @bluekulele (IG)
03/14/2017. Facebook
Sharpie markers + an irrational constant = permanent pi #PiDay
03/13/2017. Facebook
The madness has begun! How's your bracket coming?
03/11/2017. Facebook
Happy #NationalPromposalDay! With a #Sharpie and a cheesy idea, who could say no?
03/10/2017. Facebook
We lead awesome lives 365 days a year, but it's nice to have a day dedicated to it. Show us your latest awesome #Sharpie project! #DayOfAwesomeness
: @p_awmarks (IG)
03/08/2017. Facebook
Do you see the name of a trailblazing woman in your life? Whose name would you add to this list? #internationalwomensday
03/06/2017. Facebook
We were made to show the world our creative spirit, our bold ideas, and our one-of-a-kind style. Judge this book by its cover. #MakeYourMark
03/04/2017. Facebook
Some people use a red Sharpie more than others... But we don't hold it against them. Who's the grammar enthusiast in your life? #GrammarDay
03/02/2017. Facebook
We believe Sharpie can make a mark anywhere, from art classrooms to skate parks; just ask our old friend Mark Rivard, a talented skateboard artist and member of the Sharpie Squad. Check out how Mark continues to use Sharpie markers to create striking art as well as stoke creativity in others through his Rivard Art Education program!
[ Link ]

Mark Rivard | Skate Board Artist

Mark Rivard has garnered attention for his work in an unusual medium, skateboard art, which he now uses to inspire youth through his own educational initiati...

03/01/2017. Facebook
We believe healthy habits support our fearless spirits, fueling us with the energy to dream, trailblaze, and conquer life. What better way to track your nutrition than journaling with Sharpie Art Pens? #NutritionMonth #BuJo #BujoWithSharpie
02/28/2017. Facebook
We love to PUSH OUR LIMITS with new challenges. What are you doing this year to #MakeYourMark? #BuJo #BuJoWithSharpie
02/27/2017. Facebook
We believe ADVENTURE calls year-round. Have you braved the elements this winter? #SharpieBackpack
: @danidarko01 (IG)
02/26/2017. Facebook
Tonight’s the big night for film, song, and dance…Who will shine brightest?
02/24/2017. Facebook
It’s time to kick back and relax in our one-of-a-kind style. Welcome to the weekend! #HappyFriday #DIY
: @anothersupermoon (IG)
02/23/2017. Facebook
Let’s forget the drudgery of spring cleaning and attack it a different way: with a punch of color and a touch of personalization. How are you using your Sharpie collection to organize and personalize this #SpringCleaning season? #MakeYourMark