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Comprehensive analysis of the Trump Admin's "Muslim laptop ban", by @ishaantharoor: could the motives be commercial? [ Link ]

Analysis | How the new ‘electronics ban’ serves the Trump agenda
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And equally important, needs acknowledgement &education. Teaching colonial history in British schools will be a useful form of atonement. [ Link ]

Dr David Frawley on Twitter
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Resolving demands for intersections on Tvm NationalHighway bypass w/ NHAI officials. Public service over Parliament!
[ Link ]
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In the midst of the ongoing Parliament session, I rushed to Trivandrum on Monday to be with with the people of Kanjirankulam - Poovar panchayat and Karode – Chengal panchayat, who were agitating for some time as they want intersections on the the Kazhakootam-Karode Nationak Highway bypass to serve their communities. Though construction of he bypass has been going in full swing, I brought along...
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Touched that somebody took the trouble to compile this short video with Hindi subtitles!
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Wonderful review of: @kanishktharoor's book:his prose " glitters in its ingenuity...lyrical&tender, w/a slicing wit" [ Link ]

These Are the Weirdest, Most Beautiful Stories You'll Read All Spring
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My take on #YogiAdityanathCMofUP in Dainik Bhaskar today
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Why #WinstonChurchill should not be hailed as an apostle of freedom but rather recognized as a racist mass-murderer: [ Link ]

"Winston Churchill? He's no better than Adolf Hitler" - Dr Shashi Tharoor. - UKAsian
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Congratulations! @Jindalglobaluni Chancellor @MPNaveenJindal & VC Prof. Raj Kumar, remarkable achievement #PresidentatJGU [ Link ]

JGU on Twitter
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Thanks for your excellent work! And what a turnout! [ Link ]

Arushi Paliwal on Twitter
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Such a wonderfully positive reaction by Lord Ridley (a Tory peer!) to my philippic on British depredations in India. Thank you @mattwridley!

Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) posted a photo on Twitter
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With Kerala Governor Chief Justice Sathasivam. I know this looks like a picture for a caption-writing contest, but please refrain!
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Discussing with Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan my proposal that Kerala send a signal to the rest of India by decriminalizing Sec 377 in this state. Chief Minister's Office, Kerala
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Greeting my fellow Delhi University alumnus, the new Chief Justice of Kerala, Navaniti Prasad Singh, after his swearing-in in Thiruvananthapuram
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The undignified sight of PMO India being reduced to a street-fighting campaigner would end with Presidential system:

Shashi Tharoor bats for presidential form of government
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Wonderful article by Lord Ridley @mattwridley in @thetimes on #IngloriousEmpire &Indo-British relations: [ Link ]

Britain must make sure that India is a friend
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Mischievous qsns suggested by @ishaantharoor for journalists to ask at Trump-Merkel press conference (but weren't): [ Link ]

Analysis | The awkward questions Trump should be asked when he stands next to Merkel
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Great! They were a terrific audience this morning [ Link ]

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