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Fight, flight or puff? The formidable, yet petite, saddled puffer will suck in air or water to triple in size and discourage predators. Humans, let us know how this conflict resolution technique works out for you!
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Fan photo time! Check out our slideshow to "sea" if your photo made it to our weekly roundup of top guest pics.

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Watching these endangered African penguins return to the wild is the most heartwarming sight on Penguin Awareness Day! In December our Animal Response Team helped rehabilitate and release these 23 abandoned chicks in South Africa. #ActWithShedd
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Puzzle feeders offer our sea otters a fun, full-body workout, from brain to paws! Watch as Mari pushes a food-filled toy from one end of the maze to the other.
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Shedd Aquarium and Dawn are partnering to inspire NextGen Animal Responders. Teachers everywhere can bring animal-rescue efforts to life with our curriculum—and Chicago-area teachers can enter to win a once-in-a-lifetime field trip to Shedd!
Piranhas have sharp teeth and a fearsome reputation, but they don’t really eat people. What’s on the menu? They nibble the tail and scales of other river fish and even eat the occasional fruit and nut!
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Chicago welcomed new arrivals for endangered species last year, including our zebra shark pups! Each of these births and hatches highlights how accredited zoos and aquariums collaborate to plan sustainable futures for populations in our care.
We’re coming to you live from our Japanese sea nettle exhibit. At Shedd, you can find these jellies next to the entrance to Wild Reef. Sit back, relax and enjoy watching these mesmerizing creatures.
Most people think of elephants and rhinos when they hear “wildlife trafficking,” but it affects aquatic animals too. In 2015, Shedd’s Animal Response Team answered the call of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to provide critical care to dozens of young arapaima confiscated at O’Hare International Airport. Tiny at the time of their rescue, these protected fish can reach more than 10 feet in...
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Otter time! A little clam paste adds some extra fun to Ellie’s favorite toy, an inflatable blue “doughnut.”
Think you're having a tough time making it through winter? Cold-hardy wood frogs have to freeze solid to hibernate through the season! "Antifreeze" sugars keep a wood frog's cells from freezing so that they can thaw in spring and hop back to life.
Did your photo make it onto our weekly roundup of fan photos? Tag #SheddAquarium in your best Instagram photos for a chance to see your photo here next week!
Much like any other hospital, Shedd's animal hospital is fully equipped with an examination room, operation room, ICU and pharmacy. These areas help us provide top-notch care to our 32,000+ animal residents!
How did you ring in the New Year? Shedd’s Animal Response Team kicked off 2017 by making a difference a world away. Trainer Laura Reichert is in South Africa, helping to care for abandoned—and endangered—African penguin chicks with our partners at SANCCOB saves seabirds.
As 2017 kicks off, we send you “best fishes” for the year ahead. If your New Year’s resolutions include swimming or eating more seafood, you’re in good company.
Year In Review #1
Who can forget when our otters celebrated the Cubs' World Series victory? No one - that's why this was our top Facebook post of 2016! We hope our posts have brought knowledge and happiness onto your screens and into your lives. We can't wait to see what 2017 has in store for Shedd!
Year In Review # 2
With the official launch of our Animal Response Team program, Shedd unified its long-running efforts to rescue, rehabilitate, rehome and release animals in need around the globe.
Shedd has a history of helping sea otter pups in need, from Ellie to otters impacted by the Exxon Valdez oil spill. As 2016 wraps up, learn about these around-the-clock rescue efforts—and consider supporting them with a year-end gift.
Year In Review #3
In April we welcomed Kukdlaa, a male Pacific white-sided dolphin calf who was born to mom Katrl. Shedd's youngest visitors participated in #DolphinVote2016 to name the newcomer.