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Please support us:) Nd bless us...
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Heege seri thumba dinagalaagittu:) frens forever:)
One of my frens podcast series is up... listen and enjoy...Wish you all the very best sumesh:)
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50 Shades of Grey Matter
Prathams 1st movie mahurta:) olle hudganige olledaagbeku.... May God bless him wid huge success....:))) Nimmelllara aashirvaada avana melirali....
Tumkur ssit event:)
Wen you sit and think about ua life all that gained and lost.. it's beautiful gestures like these that make u forget about wat is lost and cherish wat's found... Thank you Varsha for yet another wonderful moment...
Haaaa haaaaaaaaaaa:)
With alllll wonderful and beautiful souls...:)))
Wishhh meeee:))