Let’s go, football family!
We’re working hard in the community... Protecting the roots, protecting the game!
A must-see for all of you ⚽

Our friend Alfie Allen and his football journey, back to the roots with #theworldsfirst.

Football: A Brief History by Alfie Allen

The magic of the FA Cup, welcome Ladies & Gentlemen to real food with real football!
Tonight Arsenal, we welcome you to the other side of life... Football for the love of the game, not the money or fame!
Yours truly, The World’s First.

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Congratulations to ex-Sheffield FC players Jack Muldoon & Lee Gregory on their FA Cup success! Jack was part of the Lincoln side to knock out Burnley and Lee set up the winning goal for Millwall to knock out Leicester.

Well done lads!
Real goals & real football, welcome to Sheffield FC! #theworldsfirst

Click the goal out here:

James Gregory scores for @Sheffieldfc

Remembering a legend and true member of our game today ❤
All the best from #theworldsfirst to one of the world's greatest #legends!
A fair result in the end after a hard fought game. Thank you to all the fans who came to watch real football with #theworldsfirst- your support was brilliant as always :)
The football’s back and #theworldsfirst are pushing for a place in the playoffs as we take on Bedworth at home. Come on boys, three points!
A special thank you from #theworldsfirst to all volunteers across the beautiful game, you are the foundation of grassroots football!
With a football at your feet, there’s not a care in the world! #theworldsfirst
Yesterday marked 250 days until #theworldsfirst celebrate 160 years of football with the world. Here’s a great piece on Club Historian Andy Dixon to get you in the mood:

Sheffield 160: Club Historian Andy Dixon (Part I)

A sneak peek of training with #theworldsfirst- real football in action!
Happy Valentine's Day to our first true love, dear football ❤⚽