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If you have yet to see the excellent Taboo, you may struggle to recognise the Prince Regent...
REVIEW: Andrew Scott in Hamlet at the Almeida Theatre - A Hamlet of 'bracing intensity and astonishing intimacy.'

Andrew Scott in Hamlet - Review
Mark Gatiss is to star alongside Kit Harrington and Liv Tyler in the new BBC Drama 'Gunpowder', telling the story of the Gunpowder Plot to destroy Parliament in 1605.

BBC - BBC One orders Gunpowder from Kudos - Media Centre
An adaptation of this one has been mooted for well over a decade (we studied it in school A LONG time ago) so this news has us rather excited...

Benedict Cumberbatch’s ‘The Child in Time’ Set for Masterpiece, BBC One Debut
Can you deduce who has been named as the world's favourite BBC character EVER?

Is Sherlock or Doctor Who the best BBC character?
UK fans: Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue will be signing copies of Sherlock Manga: A Study in Pink at the London Forbidden Planet Megastore at 6pm on Tuesday 28 February

Moffat And Vertue Signing 'Sherlock' Manga
Coming soon from Titan Comics - the collected Sherlock Manga A Study in Pink, in a new English translation from the original Japanese release.

Pre-order on the links below.

USA: [ Link ]

UK: [ Link ]

Pre-order Price Guarantee. | Sherlock: A Study in Pink
Check out the covers for Sherlock Manga: The Blind Banker issue 4, out in the UK & USA in April 2017 from Titan Comics!
A bit of a spoiler, but can we just take a moment to appreciate the genius of this Twitter account?

One example here, endless musical entrance possibilities at [ Link ].


moriarty entering to on Twitter

“ymca / village people”

Here is the newly confirmed official cover for #Sherlock Season 4 CD! [ Link ]
Some important words from Steven Moffat at the BFI Screening last week that had us cheering

Steven Moffat Reveals the ‘Absolute, Ultimate Boss’ Behind ‘Sherlock’
Here we go... our SPOILER HEAVY analysis of Sherlock S4E3 The Final Problem is here for you to ponder.

Sherlock S4E3 The Final Problem – Spoiler Review
Our full Sherlock Series 4 locations guide will be coming soon, but in the meantime we already have the location guide page for the BIG location in The Final Problem live on our website.

BIG SPOILER on the link below, just so you all know.

You may not be ready for The Final Problem!

Sherlock S4E3 airs tonight in the UK on BBC One at 21:00GMT and the USA on MASTERPIECE | PBS at 7pm/6c
Our SPOILER-FREE REVIEW of the tension fuelled Sherlock S4E3 The Final Problem is here!

Sherlock S4E3 The Final Problem – Spoiler-free review
Spoiler-free reaction to the episode from us later this evening...
The final UK DVD and regular Blu Ray cover art for #Sherlock S4 is here. Don't forget the limited and Amazon exclusive Blu Ray Steelbook though!

All are available on January 23 2017. Pre-order now for release date delivery.

DVD: [ Link ]

Blu Ray: [ Link ]

Blu Ray Steelbook: [ Link ]
Slight delay on this, but our SPOILER HEAVY analysis and review of Sherlock S4E2 The Lying Detective is here at last!

Sherlock S4E2 The Lying Detective – Spoiler Review