Sherrod Brown
02/18/2017 at 18:51. Facebook
President Trump has put together a government ripe for corruption. Now he’s signing laws to match. Demand he stop attacking transparency: [ Link ]

Demand Trump Stop Attacking Transparency
Sherrod Brown
02/14/2017 at 20:01. Facebook
Trump and the Republicans are trying to bring us back to the policies that caused the Great Recession. We need to stop them. #SaveDoddFrank [ Link ]

GOP -- put families ahead of big banks
UPDATE: Today, the Senate will decide whether Steven Mnuchin will be our next Treasury Secretary. Mnuchin is a Wall Street insider who cares more about helping millionaires and billionaires increase their profits than helping Ohio families. Sign my petition to oppose him. [ Link ]

Tell Trump & the Senate: NO MNUCHIN AT TREASURY
ALERT: Steven Mnuchin, former hedge fund manager and Goldman Sachs alumnus, faces the Senate on Monday. Say NO to Mnuchin. Sign Sen. Sherrod Brown’s petition >> [ Link ]

Tell Trump & the Senate: NO MNUCHIN AT TREASURY
Washington Republicans tried to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren over Coretta Scott King's letter opposing Senator Jeff Sessions, President Trump’s current nominee for U.S. Attorney General. But Sherrod just read CSK's letter to #letlizspeak and make sure Ms. King's words are not silenced.

Sessions' record on civil rights is at direct odds with the Attorney General's duty of promoting...
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Today, Sherrod led the efforts to boycott a markup hearing on Trump's pick for Treasury Secretary, Steven Mnuchin. He's a Goldman Sachs alum and will put Wall Street banks over families in Ohio.

Throughout the nomination process, Mnuchin lied, proving he doesn't belong in the Treasury Secretary.

Add your name to Sherrod's petition. Say "NO" to Mnuchin.
[ Link ]

Tell Trump & the Senate: NO MNUCHIN AT TREASURY
Today, Sherrod went to the John Glenn International Airport to take a stand against President Trump’s executive order. This executive order turns our back on children and families that are escaping violence and persecution. It won’t make our country safer and undermines our long-term security. This is not what America stands for. Add your name to my open letter to President Trump. [...
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Sign Sherrod’s Open Letter
Ajit Pai, Trump's new pick to head the FCC, has said he wants to take a weed whacker to net neutrality regulations. This is just another example of how Trump's appointments will put corporate interests over the interests of everyday Americans. [ Link ]

Defend a free, fair, and open Internet -- support net neutrality
Trump refuses to divest himself from his business. He’s filling his cabinet with Big Oil, Big Gas, and Wall Street billionaires. He’s setting up a government ripe for corruption that will work for the powerful, not the people.

Steven Mnuchin’s ties to Wall Street could not be any deeper and he should NOT be running the Treasury Department. I’m saying “no” to Mnuchin. Join me by adding your...
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Tell Trump & the Senate: NO MNUCHIN AT TREASURY
Donald Trump became President yesterday. After he was sworn in, he formally nominated Goldman Sachs alum and hedge fund founder, Steven Mnuchin, to head the Department of the Treasury.

We need a Treasury Secretary who will work for the people, not the powerful. I am voting "no" on his nomination. If you agree, sign my petition:

Tell Trump & the Senate: NO MNUCHIN AT TREASURY
Trump's not draining the swamp -- he's filling it. He's nominated Steven Mnuchin, who spent 17 years at Goldman Sachs on Wall Street and founded his own hedge fund, to head the Department of the Treasury.

I am opposing Steven Mnuchin's nomination to be Treasury Secretary. If you agree, sign my petition here: [ Link ]
Demand Congress and the president-elect stop their assault on the ACA. Add your name: [ Link ]
"You may have read of the death last week of Dodger pitcher Ralph Branca. He threw the pitch that resulted in the "Shot heard 'round the World," the three-run homer by Giant outfielder Bobby Thomson which won the 1951 National League pennant. I wasn't yet born, but five decades later I met the All-Star slugger.

It was an outdoor picnic with four or five former big league ballplayers in the...
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President-elect Trump recently picked Steve Bannon as his senior advisor. Bannon has a long history of promoting anti-Semitic, racist, misogynistic and dangerous views that embolden white nationalists.

Steve Bannon must be removed from his position immediately. Add your name to call on President-elect Trump to do the right thing -- fire Steve Bannon.

Tell President-elect Trump to Fire Steve Bannon
Ohio workers are hitting the doors. #GOTV
Today Sherrod and Franklin stopped by the Ohio Democratic Party to thank the hardworking members of the election protection team. If you need information on how to vote, please visit
Sherrod, Liz Brown, & Franklin getting out the vote in Franklin Co #GOTV
This morning, Sherrod and Connie cast their ballots during early voting. Don't forget to get out and vote for Hillary Clinton, Ted Strickland, and Ohio democrats!
[ Link ]
Today is the last day to register to vote in Ohio. Click the link for more information about how you can make your voice heard in this important election. [ Link ]

Ohio Together