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There aren’t too many times you get the opportunity to fish a new location with an icon of the Australian fishing industry with the added chance of being able to score not just a couple of hundred dollars, but possibly $1,000,000!!

SHIMANO Australia Fishing
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Ultra-lightweight and superior performance is the best way to describe the new freshwater Chronarch MGL series. Featuring a Magnumlite Spool, Micromodule, XShip, New SVS and more..
Feels rad to finally get my first 2017 Pinocchio fix on the weekend...

Plenty of action packed moments, hits & misses with gnarly reminders that Mother Nature is ALWAYS Boss Lady!!

Cheers Bro for keeping us safe in some very threatening unexpected moments & as always, finding the fish.

- G xx :)
That smile says it all
Ben Jones on his latest adventure hitting new native highs on the Biocraft reel and Gloomis Cross Current rod
James Priest
Nice underwater Mulloway Ghost by Al McGlashan
Exploring some epic cod country with Ben Jones armed with the new Chronarch MGL βœ”βœ” Video to come soon on Youtube
Chloe Laurence - She Fishes smashing it out at the Jess Sams tournament
TwinPower XD

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Perfect timing Marlin on a T-Curve and Tiagra combo!!
Chris Cleaver
Another way to look at the all new Ultegra FB...
Epic pic from Jamie Harris & IFISH w TACKLEWORLD Est 270kg Swordfish swam off strong afterwards aswell with a sat tag attached
Nice salty barra to kick-start the season for Luke Galea. This fish went a respectable 78cm!
Looking for that Million Dollar Barra #nttourism #milliondollarfish

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Charlie Mizz onto a nice Sydney Marlin that had the drag screaming!!
In search of that #milliondollarfish in Darwin with Ben Jones, Alex Julius and and Roger Sinclair Full video on our YouTube channel here: [ Link ]

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Hi guys! At 3PM today our Product Manager Chris Cleaver will be doing a LIVE feed on the new ULTEGRA FB! Pop any questions you have for Chris in the comment section below and tune in at 3PM AEST to get the answers!
Volume This is what it's all about

Shimano Pro Anglers Australia Krank productions Chris Henry Chris Cleaver Fishing With Scotto
Might of been a few of these looks last night!