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Get #exposure to some of the #BestJobs in the #Industry at #Mumbai #JobFair on the 8th of January.
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Get #exposure to some of the #BestJobs in the #Industry at #Mumbai #JobFair on the 8th of January.
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May 2017 be the year of success & it may bring desired results for everyone! #HappyNewYear
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Shine wishes you all a #MerryChristmas
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Make your office life organized by following these simple hacks!
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Instrumentation engineers typically work for industries with automated processes, such as chemical or manufacturing plants, with the goal of improving system productivity, reliability, safety, optimisation and stability.

Instrumentation engineer as a career option
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Well done is better than well said
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Graduated in Social Science but working in a BPO? Now get jobs relevant as per your Interest & experience. Search 'jobs by education' on
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Shine wishes you all a very Happy Diwali.
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Government firms may not consider employee verification as important as private firms.

Few government firms reach out for verification
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#MakeThemShine #KnowYourEmployee #MotivationType

This worker seeks freedom, independence and autonomy.
You can motivate them by sharing the company vision and goals, delegating responsibility and allowing them to work autonomously.
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We dread interviews and when we are scared, we bungle. Confidence and preparedness are the only two things that can help you keep cool and succeed at interviews. Here's how.

Tips to face job interviews confidently
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#MakeThemShine #KnowYourEmployee #MotivationType

They seek recognition, respect and social esteem.
They like visible perks that link to their position, clear hierarchical structures, job titles and the opportunity to shine. Motivate them with awards and status.
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#MakeThemShine #KnowYourEmployee #MotivationType

They seek belonging, friendships and fulfilling relationships.
This worker likes organisations and roles with a strong team ethos, excellent social activities and opportunities for helping others.

They are motivated when they feel supported, consulted and involved.
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Your resume is an essential tool in the job-hunt process. If you have a flawless resume, chances are that you will soon get that interview call. So, follow these 10-resume tips and reign in success.

Top 10 tips for producing a better CV
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#MakeThemShine #KnowYourEmployee #MotivationType

This employee seeks knowledge, mastery and specialization.
They are motivated by ambitious targets and being a guide or mentor to others as they like opportunities to share their expertise and specialize in areas of interest. Encourage them to connect with other experts and further boost their expertise.
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May you win every battle in life,
Shine wishes you all a very Happy Dussehra
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#MakeThemShine #KnowYourEmployee #MotivationType
Leaders often know instinctively that if you want staff to be their best, they need the right motivation.

Seeks money, material satisfactions and above-average living.This is the one employee type who is strongly motivated by money and material perks. You need to set them clear goals and link them to rewards, especially financial...
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