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A creature of fantasy. An act of savagery. A nightmare come true.

Beware the Slenderman, Sunday February 26, 8.30pm edt first on showcase.
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"Washington's character is known for her love of popcorn and red wine, and six years in, it still hasn't gotten old."

Scandal Seasons 1-5 PLUS the latest episodes from Season 6 are now available On Demand, via Foxtel and Foxtel Play!

Kerry Washington's Heaven? All-Day Scenes Full of Popcorn. Seriously!
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Forget Trump, Foxtel Play has your latest Scandal...

Scandal Seasons 1-5 PLUS the latest episodes from Season 6 are now available On Demand, via Foxtel and Foxtel Play!

Scandal Seasons 1-6 available NOW!
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Do you think Jane is running from something?

Big Little Lies continues Monday 8.30pm only on showcase.
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'These are your people. Big little lies and all.'

Big Little Lies continues Monday 8.30pm only on showcase.

Why all parents with a child starting school will relate to Big Little Lies
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Matilda Brown and Bryan Brown were on the project last night discussing their working relationship on the mini series 'Let's Talk About'.

You can catch 'Let's Talk About' Sunday nights after Nashville on showcase.

[ Link ]
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Train Face...commuters can relate.

Watch the struggles of an aspiring comedian on the New York comedy scene in the new HBO comedy series Crashing!

Starts Wednesday February 22 on showcase.
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ATTENTION GLADIATORS! We are turning up the political heat with Scandal Seasons 1-5 available On Demand via Foxtel and Foxtel Play!
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The war is on...

Big Little Lies begins Monday February 20, express play at 1pm AEST & prime time encore at 8:30pm AEST only on showcase.
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Hurry, it's your last chance to finish the book! Big Little Lies begins tomorrow!
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Shots Fired examines the dangerous aftermath of two racially charged shootings in a small Southern US town, providing an explosive autopsy of the criminal justice system.

Shots Fired premieres Monday April 10 on showcase.

Shots Fired: Explosive new drama that examines the criminal justice system
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Get the back story behind the famous feud between the legendary Bette Davis and Joan Crawford before the new series FEUD: Bette and Joan airs on showcase.

FEUD: Bette and Joan airs Sundays from March 12 on showcase.

'Feud': A Timeline of Bette Davis and Joan Crawford's Infamous Rivalry
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Are YOU excited to see Nicole Kidman as Celeste Wright?!
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The hilarious T.J. Miller, well known for his roll as the smart alec bar tender in the Deadpool Movie is another A grade comedian playing themselves in the new HBO comedy series Crashing.

T.J let's Pete Holmes crash on his couch after he finds his wife cheating on him in Crashing, starting February 22 on showcase.
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We know Rihanna has been cast as Marion Crane, the character from the 1960 movie 'Psycho' but what we really want to know is if we will see a recreation of the infamous shower scene.

The final season of Bates Motel will return Thursday, February 21 at 9:30pm on showcase

'Bates Motel': Will Rihanna End Up in the Infamous Shower?
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Get the inside scoop on the family ties behind the web of Big Little Lies...
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Who is your favourite character on Girls?

Season 6 continues Wednesdays 8:30pm on showcase.
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Are you excited to meet Jane Chapman? Only 3 more days until Big Little Lies premieres!
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Bette Davis & Joan Crawford, the legendary rivalry gets the Ryan Murphy treatment.

FEUD: Bette and Joan premieres Sunday March 12 on showcase.

Bette Davis & Joan Crawford - the biggest feud in Hollywood.
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Who are you dying to see in the fifth & final season of Bates Motel?

Bates Motel premieres Tuesday 21 February 9:30pm on showcase.