Shredz Women
03/23/2017 at 21:27. Facebook
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Shredz Women
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A Stronger Booty Today!
#Shredzambassador changes up her routine by doing these kettlebell squat variations!
▫ kettlebell sumo squatsump squats
▫ single armed kettlebell pulls
▫ single leg jump ups
▫ Spider-Man push ups
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A must try shoulder workout! #Shredzambassador Giorgia Piscina
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Shredz Women
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Shoulders superset by #Shredz Athlete Lauren Simpson!
1. cable single arm upright rows 3x 12
2. cable rear delt raise 3x 12"
What did you train today? Comment below!
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Workout of the Day: Decline Sit-ups
Christine Lewis!
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