shu uemura
02/20/2017 at 09:15. Facebook
PONY x rouge unlimited supreme matte
Matte your lips this Valentine's day. ❤
Candy kisses. ❤
Rina Fukushi x international atelier artist Kimura ft. rouge unlimited supreme matte. ❤
International artistic director, Uchiide, plays with cool tones. How would you play with the new #SS17 play date collection?
Our international artistic director, Uchiide's visual inspiration for the new #SS17 play date collection.
Dedication and craftsmanship.
The entire ultime8 line.✨
"Tradition is a continuous process of innovation." - Mr. Shu Uemura
Treat yourself and your skin.✨
Premium quality, down to the roots.✨
Welcome to Toshima island; home to Japanese camellia for 200 years.
Renovated with 3 ingredients: Korean ginseng, golden bamboo, and Japanese camellia.
The story behind our newly renovated ultime8.
shu x murakami Full video is now out on our website!
shu x murakami
The countdown is ON