Today, it seems we’ve somehow managed to deceive ourselves into thinking tickling doesn’t have a dark side.

If You Are Going To Tickle Your Kids, There Need To Be Some Ground Rules
Nobody really likes going to the doctors and when we can-we definitely avoid it or put it off. But doing this is never a good idea as even if you feel

Man Visits Doctor After Concerned Wife Steps In, Doctors Find Rare Tumor
Thanks to social media we have a lot more people documenting fails. And if they’re good for anything, they’re good for a laugh so enjoy!

16 Photos Of Fails
An 11-month-old was detained for hours in the Dallas airport and denied access to her mother.

Immigration Ban Separates Breastfeeding 11-Month-Old From Mother For Hours At Airport
While recognition is the ultimate goal with logos, there are many that have hidden messages that you may have not noticed.

16 Company Logos With Unique Hidden Messages
Remember the twins who spend every minute together, sleep in the same bed, use the same phone, have the same hairstyle, eat the same diet, etc? Well, now they have one special wish.

Identical Twins Want To Have Baby With Last Person Anyone Would Ever Expect
In dresses and tuxedos that are totally representative of the era, some of these celebrities look unrecognizable beside their prom dates

Celebs At High School Prom. Beyonce Looks Incredible In That Dress
You’re familiar with dog people, cat people and maybe even the occasional bird person. But do you know anyone who is an exotic animal person? They do exist

16 Unusual Pets
Damian Aspinall had raised Kwibi, a lowland gorilla, at the Howletts Wild Animal Park in England for years before Kwibi was released into the wild.

A Gorilla Remebers His Rescuer From Years Ago
I was a milk machine, leaking all over, and spraying across the room. But the weight wasn’t going anywhere.

Breastfeeding Does Not Always Make The Baby Weight ‘Fall Off’
In today’s society, oodles of entertainment is quite literally at our fingertips. It wasn’t so for people before the technological revolution.

16 Unusual Circus Acts From 100 Years Ago
At age 29, this football player had made $25 million. He was pretty much on top of the world. Suddenly, one day, he just quit. Everyone thought he was crazy. Then they found out what he did with his fortune.

NFL Star Makes $25M And Quits Football, Then People Discover What He Did With His Money
All jobs come with pros and cons, and hairdressing is no exception.

8 Hairstylist Stories That Will Make Your Skin Crawl
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How many times have you forgotten a diaper? Can you imagine finding one of these when you really needed it?!

Diaper Goodie Bags Are Random Acts Of Kindness We Can All Get Behind
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Roads have made it possible to travel and transport goods for thousands of years, but some prove to be significantly more dangerous thoroughfares.

16 Of The Most Dangerous Roads In The World