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Did you know? In 2009, doctors from SickKids along with colleagues from Mount Sinai Hospital were the first in Canada to successfully perform a lifesaving heart intervention on a baby in utero. #TBT
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Chef Shawn’s yummy shepherd’s pie was such a hit with SickKids kid Neve, she asked for it every night while being treated for acute lymphoblastic leukemia. Chef was happy to serve it up for her – something a kid loves is a simple way to help them feel more at home.

Today, Neve is doing well. She continues to visit SickKids as part of a research study and every time she returns, she orders...
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Becoming a great heart surgeon is like mastering a complex piece of music. SickKids Dr. Glen Van Arsdell talks about an innovation that allows surgeons to practice, practice, practice.
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Meet Linda Soudack – pictured here (white shirt) with her family. Linda is a donor who is proud to be making an impact at Sickkids.

“My connection to SickKids is a doctor – my brother-in-law, Dr. Fred Weinberg. He was the first Jewish Chief Resident at SickKids. From there, his interest in learning disabilities took him to the Division of Neurology, where he became Associate Medical Director...
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A team of researchers at SickKids has successfully sequenced the genome of the Canadian beaver. In fact, the beaver in question is none other than Ward, a 10-year-old resident of The Toronto Zoo.

Watch the video below and read our article: [ Link ] to find out why our world-leading research team undertook this unusual project, and how understanding the fundamentals of what makes Ward,...
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SickKids researchers sequence genome of Canadian beaver

What is the second largest rodent in the world? What mammal’s teeth never stop growing? What eager animal lives in a lodge and works at night? Answer: The be...

"You're the one that gets to work hand-in-hand with them to make them be able to sit up again, make them be able to walk again, make them be able to hang out with their friends.” – Ryan, SickKids physiotherapist.

Meet a SickKids physiotherapist who helps kids get moving after surgery
Join SickKids kid Camryn as she speaks with Dr. Drake, Head of the Division of Neurosurgery, about the important work taking place in the surgical robotics lab at SickKids.
Seven-year-old Hartley calls his physician, Dr. Paul Wales, his hero. "Why? Well he's a really cool guy and he saved my life."

'A surgery is not that bad,' boy, 7, says after 16 of them
When Olivia was diagnosed with Ewing’s sarcoma at the age of 10 and underwent treatment at SickKids, she was determined to make the hospital feel like home. Olivia shares her SickKids story in Toronto Life.

When I was diagnosed with cancer at age 10, SickKids became my second home
SickKids VS the greatest challenges in child health. #SickKidsVS
On behalf of all of us at SickKids, we would like to wish you and your loved ones a happy new year!
#SickKidsVS - Dr. Fish VS Burn Scars

Dr. Joel Fish is the Medical Director of the Burn Program at SickKids and a surgeon in The Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery. He specializes in the treatment of paediatric burns and complex wound care.

Dr. Fish was instrumental in the creation of a laser program at SickKids, which is the first in Canada to provide laser therapy for aggressive...
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When Elina couldn’t leave the hospital, we brought her favourite things to her. Thanks to Samsung Canada virtual reality, watch how we were able to surprise her.
#SickKidsVS Malachi’s Heart Failure

As Ann Marie approached her due date, she started gaining weight at an alarming rate, causing her obstetrician to order an ultrasound. It came as a shock when she learned her unborn son, Malachi, was in heart failure. Doctors were concerned Malachi might not survive so Ann Marie underwent an emergency C-section. Diagnosed with Dilated Cardiomyopathy (a...
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SickKids kid Naya has been apart from her twin sister since they were born, but they got to spend this Christmas together.

A celebration of firsts at Christmas | Toronto Star
HE WAS HERE! At some point during the night, we ALMOST got footage of Santa landing on the helipad. There was some sort of glitch, so we didn’t see him, but the cookies and milk are gone! You can almost hear his sleigh bells…
Christmas Eve, 1912 – John Ross Robertson, chairman of the Hospital's Board of Trustees, takes on the role of Santa’s helper, delivering toys to the 120 patients spending Christmas at SickKids.
In honour of Hanukah, which begins tomorrow, the hospital hosted a celebration. This is one of the many family and cultural holiday traditions we host to help patient families feel more at home during this festive time of year. We also marked the opening of the Meditation and Contemplation Room in honour of Esther and Harold Cherry.
Ani Jamyang Donma and Chandra Ram are members of the Spiritual and Religious Care Department at SickKids. As Chaplains, they provide spiritual, religious and emotional support across the entire hospital, impacting everyone from patients to families to staff.

“As a spiritual care provider, my role is to visit families and assist them with being at peace in the circumstances they find...
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When Elina couldn’t leave the hospital, we brought her favourite things to her. Thanks to Samsung Canada virtual reality, watch how we were able to surprise her.

Samsung & SickKids VS Elina Missing Home

Samsung and SickKids helped Elina miss home a little less this holiday with the Samsung Gear 360 camera and Gear VR innovation. She visited her local dog par...