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01/19/2017 at 16:00. Facebook
Alex Hallford and Nick Hanson make the most of winter sessions at Flo Skatepark's bowl...

Wild and Loose - Flo Skatepark with Alex Hallford and Nick Hanson
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01/19/2017 at 14:00. Facebook
The latest in our 2016 Photographers Stories sees Leo Sharp sharing tales from the road over the previous 12 months, alongside five exceedingly dope photos from Corey Glick, Dom Henry, Andy Crayton, Devine Calloway and Nicky Howells...

Photographers Stories 2016 - Leo Sharp - Sidewalk Skateboarding
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Another angle of this brain melt @jacksonpilz the thunder from down under. Head to @slamskateboarding and vote for Jacko for Aussie soty enjoi Dwindle Distribution #dwindleuk
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14:01 Skateboard Company take shelter from the elements at Baysixty6 - featuring team riders Casey Brown, Alfie Sexton and Dan Fisher-Eustance alongside Evan Knight and Carlin Daniels.

14:01 at Baysixty6 Skatepark - Sidewalk Skateboarding
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01/19/2017 at 10:30. Facebook
I wish ???? Switch Pupecki Grind on tranny?! @dvargs & his choice bag of tricks are playing in his WELCOME Skateboards 'Fetish' part on the Keen Dist. blog now - #welcomeskateboards
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01/19/2017 at 10:00. Facebook
First prize for best trick at the Battle of Hastings, which hits the Source Skatepark in March, is a trip out to Greece to skate the beast that is the Blue Enigma Bowl. More details of the jam within...

The Source - The Battle of Hastings 2017 - Sidewalk Skateboarding
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The level of skateboarding that people are willing to put straight onto Instagram these days is fucking bonkers - hit the link below for a full compilation of Dane Vaughn oozing steeze across a wide array of street furniture...
[ Link ]
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Lifeblood Skateboards hit Windells in 'Playground', making the most of the incredible looking set up which resides in the wilds of Oregon...

Playground - Lifeblood Skateboards at Windells - Sidewalk Skateboarding
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Dean Greensmith and Ryan Hurt handle shit at X-Site Skatepark in this rad quick clip from Andy Rayner. If this doesn't make you nostalgic for the UK Miniramp Champs then nothing will!

Dean Greensmith and Ryan Hurt at X-Site, Skegness
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Details for the first leg of this year's Vans Pro Skate Park Series are now live, with plans for a purpose built concrete park in Manly Beach, Sydney - more details within!

Vans Pro Skate Park Series 2017 - Manly Beach, Sydney - Sidewalk Skateboarding
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Always stoked on new Bobshirt interviews - the latest sees San Francisco and Menace Skateboards OG reminisce over the usual board, skate mag ad and VHS tape prompts...

Bobshirt - Lee Smith - Sidewalk Skateboarding
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Jasper Pegg's section from Norwich scene video 'Fine' is now live on the site, offering a selection of rugged spots and switch wallride variations like the one you see here. Have a watch then get the full length from Drug Store Skateshop!

Jasper Pegg in Norwich scene video 'Fine' - Sidewalk Skateboarding
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Creepy eyes. Check out EP.1 of #AlmostAMinute the new Almost skateboards youtube series about the pure fun of skateboarding. Featuring @daewon1song @cooperwilt @younessamrani @yurifacchini @tysonbowerbank @fran_molina_1992 Dwindle Distribution
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With Baghead Kiills 2 premiering at The Boardroom in Leicester next month, Tim Hines catches up with Forde Brookfield to discuss the video, supporting independent skate shops and more...
Photo: Mike Simons

Tim Hines - the Forde Brookfield 'Baghead Kiills 2' interview
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Kick off @willblaty #FETISHVID part has gone live over @thrashermag This will (no pun intended) thrill you and make you very excited. WELCOME Skateboards Keen Dist.
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House of Vans London reopens a week tomorrow with their first Girls Skate Night of 2017, followed the next night by the premiere of Andy Evans new visual masterpiece - watch the trailer, then head over to their site to grab tickets if you know what's good for you!

Trailer for the latest Andy Evans video 'Just in Time' - Sidewalk Skateboarding
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01/17/2017 at 23:00. Facebook
Ryan Lay's section from WELCOME Skateboards' 'Fetish' is now online, head over to Pixels via the link below to watch the madness in full!
[ Link ]