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The latest broadcast from Lurk NYC is a right banger - click through for lurkers, ripping and general city vibes in the Big Apple.

Vol.7 of Lurk NYC's 'Mean Streets' series returns with a whirlwind of crackheads, skyscrapers, rough spots and rad skating
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A few photos from the Girl Skate UK 3rd Birthday Jam as well as an interview with Danielle Gallacher and Kirsty Tonner - get reading for the lowdown on how it all began via Lucy Adams fs no comply!

Girls Skate UK birthday jam and interview with Danni Gallacher and Kirsty Tonner
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Going the distance โžกโžกโžก @enzo_cautela just dropped a heavy new BONES WHEELS video part. Check @boneswheels insta @bernard_vanweydeveldt Shiner skateboards
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First try? Chris Ault does not fuck about! Revisit 'Emerica Underground' now to see what happened when the assembled Emerica Europe team of 2010 ventured into London's sprawling network of Underground Tube stations (scroll one post back for the link). Filmed by Daniel Magee, photography by Dom Marley.
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Darius Trabalza - tailgrab nosepick - Kirkby-in-Ashfield.
Photo: CJ
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How many times have you found yourself wondering "I wonder what it would be like to skate The Tube"? Well, back in 2010, Tom Knox Eniz Fazliov and the rest of the European Emerica team did just that. Revisit 'Emerica Underground' now...

Skating London's Underground with Tom Knox, Eniz Fazliov and more!
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Who remembers this madness? Harry Lintell shuts down the Emerica 'Wild in the Streets' back in 2015 with this insane Castlefield boardslide, previously attempted by Garry Woodward in the late 90s.
Filmed by Sean Lomax and James Cruickshank.
Real Skateboards CONVERSE Volcom Skate
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Here's a bonza Sunday treat for your muggy eyes - John Rattray rehashed just for you. 3 minutes of pure radness.

Rehash #3 John Rattray - Sidewalk Skateboarding
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John Rattray - backside smith grind, Queen's Park 2001 - photo Oliver Barton
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We've all done it haven't we @shawnhaleyeah took it from the top rope last night during our session in @theclintorous's back yard Birdhouse Skateboards Shiner skateboards
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The internet rumour mill comes true yet again - one time London resident and harbinger of massive pop Mr Andrew Brophy is now officially pro for Girl Skateboards! Check the welcome clip for fresh footy...

Andrew Brophy joins Girl Skateboards - new edit from Rye Beres
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Footage of the aforementioned soggy nollie heel from Don Palmer - head to the below post and click for the best possible Sunday viewing, in the form of the recently re-uploaded Blueprint classic 'Waiting for the World'...
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Scott Palmer nollie heels in the usual UK weather situation, AKA piss-wet. Watch Waiting for the World in full, now uploaded in full quality by Dan Magee and Slam City Skates!

Slam City Skates have uploaded Blueprint's classic 'Waiting for the World' in top quality
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One of the finest Yorkshire based nollie flips of all time? Joe Heisenberg Lynskey always had the technique.
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Under the plank. Backyard barge. Photo: Phil Young
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Rory Milanes and Eniz Fazliov riding those ever appealing Tube corridors. Revisit 'Emerica Underground' (2010) on the Sidewalk site now (scroll one post back for the link) for more from Tom Knox Rob Maatman Chris Ault - filmed by Daniel Magee, photography by Dom Marley.
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Ever wondered what it would be like skating the London Underground? Tom Knox Eniz Fazliov and more venture into the sprawling labyrinth of The Tube on a covert mission...

Skating London's Underground with Tom Knox, Eniz Fazliov and more!
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Bobshirt pin down ex-Chocolate pro turned shoe designer Scott Johnson to talk about old board graphics, video parts, EMB, Keenan Milton and more!

Scott Johnston talks Mad Circle, Chocolate, Pepe Martinez, FTC, EMB, Keenan and more with Bobshirt
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Some previously unreleased 94/95 Andy Stone gold - check the full three-minute clip and read his amazing Chrome Ball Incident interview now by scrolling back one post and following the link!
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Pulaski Park, road tripping with Bill Danforth, rollerblader fights and more - enjoy Andy Stone's amazing Chrome Ball Incident interview now!

The Chrome Ball Incident - interview with Pulaski OG Andy Stone and previously unseen footage from 1994/95