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#Siemens Consumer Extended warranty provides the perfect way to protect your investment now and in the future. Know more on it,
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Take advantage of the brilliance of Avocado’s. Use it in place of butter while baking and increase the nutrient level of your baked dish. #FoodFantacies
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With #SiemensDishwashers, you no longer have to worry about your water consumption! Save water, use Siemens Dishwashers. #WorldWaterDay
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Wasting water is not on the cards for #SiemensWashingMachines! Ensure less water consumption with our laundry expert. #WorldWaterDay
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This pleasantly tangy lemon roulade is the perfect addition for your next tea-party! #cookbook #recipe
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Surprise your guest with perfectly roasted fish or meat right at your home with #SiemensMicrowaves.
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Painted cabinetry especially doors, gives your kitchen that extra spark that cannot be missed! #KitchenDecor
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It often gets dirty in the kitchen. Opt for the touch-sensing faucets which offer hygiene and convenience while cooking. #ModernTools
#WomensDay was celebrated in style at the #SiemensExperienceCentre in #Mumbai. Here's a quick look of the #CulinaryDiva's in action!
The #CulinaryDiva’s of Bangalore had a wonderful time at the #Womensday celebrations held at Siemens Experience Centre, Bangalore. Here are a few glimpses from the event.
#FoodDecorTip: The joy of desserts is doubled when you spoon-feed those delicious bites to your guest, in the literal sense!
Congratulations! Here are the winners of the #CulinaryDiva contest.
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#KitchenDecor: Lights matter. These geometric cobalt coloured lights add the necessary impact in this white themed modern kitchen.
#SiemensHomeIndia wishes you all a very happy and colorful #Holi! #HappyHoli
With Siemens Washing Machines’ Auto Stain Removal System, you can be doused in colors but always remain worry-free for your clothes! #Holi
What is #Holi without mouthwatering desserts? Let the celebrations never end, with Siemens cookbook!

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If #Holi makes you worry about water wastage, here’s Siemens Washing Machine to the rescue. Its water-perfect technology ensures you have fun, responsibly!
Adding height by stacking or layering up the plates makes the serving more interesting and gives it more depth. #FoodDecor
We loved the entries, thank you all for participating in the #CulinaryDiva contest! Winners will be announced shortly. Stay tuned.