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The Trump administration just approved the presidential permit for the Keystone XL pipeline and reversed the rejection of the project under the Obama administration. The decision isn’t shocking, it’s just another step Trump and his billionaire cabinet cronies have taken to line the pockets of Big Oil at the expense of communities.

The good news is this fight is far from over and we can win....
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BREAKING NEWS: The Trump administration approved the presidential permit for the #KeystoneXL pipeline -- [ Link ]

But this fight is far from over and we can win. Keystone XL still needs to be approved in Nebraska, and the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) is taking public comments now.

Fight back by submitting your comment now! -- [ Link ]

"This project has already...
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State department issues presidential permit for Keystone pipeline
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Markets are demanding clean energy, and no amount of rhetoric from Donald Trump will be able to stop the fall of coal in the U.S. and across the globe.

New Hope for Climate Goals As Fewer Coal Plants Are Built
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The Koch brothers and their fossil fuel allies are waging an attack on electric vehicles in at least nine states across the country. This would hurt our climate, public health, and would leave the US auto market a global laggard behind other countries that are building the cars of the future. Still, in many states, we're seeing progress pushing forward EV-friendly policies that must...
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Behind the Quiet State-by-State Fight Over Electric Vehicles
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Watch the Sierra Club's Pat Gallagher and other outside experts testify before the Senate Judiciary Committee on why Trump's Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch would be a disaster for the environment, clean air, clean water, the climate, and our democracy.

Add your voice to his by calling your senator and telling them to oppose confirming Gorsuch. Call 1-866-943-8027 or text SCOTUS to 69866.
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52 senators voted to allow shooting grizzly cubs and wolf pups in Alaska Wildlife Refuges. Look up how your senator voted here: [ Link ]

To thank senators who voted against the resolution, call 1-855-980-2279

To share shock and outrage, call 1-855-980-5639

Learn more --> [ Link ]

Ban Lifted on Barbaric Wildlife Hunting Methods in Alaska
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"We have something on our side that genuinely frightens those in power today — we have the future. That future is coming whether Donald Trump, Steve Bannon, Scott Pruitt, Rex Tillerson, Paul Ryan, and Mitch McConnell like it or not."

Read Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune's latest --> [ Link ]

Resisting Our Way to the Future
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Absolutely shocking.... Last night, 52 senators voted to allow shooting grizzly cubs and wolf pups in Alaska Wildlife Refuges.

This appalling rule would allow trapping, baiting, and aerial shooting of grizzlies and wolves on wildlife refuge lands, even allowing these animals to be killed while they are hibernating or taking refuge in their dens. It also paves the way for a broad assault on...
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Senate votes to lift limits on hunting Alaska grizzlies and wolves on federal land
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Stand in solidarity with the Gwich’in to protect the Arctic Refuge! The Gwich'in way of life is inextricably tied to the Porcupine Caribou Herd whose calving grounds are in the coastal plain of the Refuge -- lands threatened by oil development. We must protect the cultural, natural, and heritage values of this special place.

Show your support today -->

Stand with the Gwich'in Nation and Protect the Arctic Refuge
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BREAKING NEWS -- At around 8pm Central Time, just minutes after the city of Madison, Wisconsin committed to 100% clean, renewable energy, a thousand miles away, the Republican-led, rural town of Abita Springs, Louisiana, also voted unanimously to commit to 100% clean, renewable energy! Abita Springs joins large cities like San Diego, California and Salt Lake City, Utah and smaller, rural ones...
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THIS JUST IN -- Madison, Wisconsin's Common Council just approved a resolution establishing a community-wide goal of transitioning to 100% clean and renewable energy, making Madison the first city in Wisconsin and the 24th in the United States to formally commit to 100% clean, renewable energy!

Learn more --> [ Link ]
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While Trump and Pruitt try to make fossil fuel corporations "great" again, cities across the U.S. are stepping up in the fight to #ActOnClimate and move to a clean transportation system.

Cities Shop for $10 Billion of Electric Cars to Defy Trump
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Happy International Day of Forests!
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To: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Staff.
From: United States of America.

Thank you so much for all you do. You save lives. You make the world better.

People are sending EPA employees chocolate chip cookies and thank you cards
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Springtime is officially here, which means new life is emerging. Thanks to some quality livestreams, you needn’t miss any of the action --> [ Link ]
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Today marked the 250th U.S. coal plant that has retired or committed to retire since our Beyond Coal campaign began in 2010, driving U.S. coal use down to its lowest level in history. Coal retirements since that date have:

➕ Saved 6,888 lives
➕ Prevented 10,694 heart attacks
➕ Prevented 113,565 asthma attacks
➕ Saved $3.2 billion in health care costs

The market and all of your grassroots...
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Today is the vernal equinox which is also known as the spring equinox. As we move into the next season, here's a look back at some of our gorgeous national parks during the winter --> [ Link ]

A breathtaking look at our national parks in winter
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If Alaska's Senator Lisa Murkowski and Representative Don Young get their way, Alaska wildlife managers will be able to kill wolf pups and grizzly cubs on federal wildlife refuges.

Call 1-877-258-5582 and tell your senators to reject this barbaric legislation.
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This Spring, thanks to the generosity of our donors, Military Outdoors will provide scholarships for veterans, as well as those in the Guard and Reserve, who are interested in pursuing possible seasonal employment as a raft guide. These fast-paced programs will provide you with the skills necessary to work as a professional river rafting guide for commercial outfitters, summer camps,...
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2017 River Leaders: Military and Veteran Scholarships for River Guide School