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Around the world, one billion people like Sharifa continue to be affected by blinding #trachoma. But with your support we’re making progress towards eliminating the disease in places like Ghana, Ethiopia and Zambia!
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"Now I know what opportunities there are for people with visual impairments." Your donations are used not only to save sight, but to make everyday life easier for people who are blind... [ Link ] #SocialJusticeDay

A passion for music: Chandrakumar's story | Stories | Sightsavers
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Bakir entertains fellow patients before sight-saving surgery in Zanzibar! Now, he can see people's reactions to his playfulness! #MillionMiracles
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"I will not stop until my whole village is free from sickness." Avana's story: [ Link ] #EndTrachoma

cc: The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust

Avana Pangane Muyalomo - End Trachoma
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Two-year-old Bakir's smile says it all. After straightforward operation to remove cataracts in both of his eyes in Zanzibar, he can finally see his family! [ Link ] #MillionMiracles

Bakir's story | Stories | Sightsavers
For some living with disability in Uganda, finding love can seem like an impossible dream. This #ValentinesDay, one couple have made the dream come true! [ Link ]

Romance blooms in Sightsavers' Uganda programme | Sightsavers
#Loveis… Seeing your wife after years of blindness, just like Winesi after sight-saving cataract surgery in Malawi <3 Happy #ValentinesDay everyone!
"If I hadn't had the radio, I would have remained ignorant and my son would still be blind." On #WorldRadioDay, we're celebrating the power of radio and how it helps us change children's lives! [ Link ]

How radio is helping us save sight | Million Miracles
As a child soldier, Simon was blinded by a bullet. Today he’s breaking disability stereotypes in Uganda. [ Link ] #InThePicture

Breaking disability stereotypes in Uganda | Sightsavers
Before Bakir had sight-saving surgery in Zanzibar, he was completely dependent on others for even the most basic tasks. #MillionMiracles

Cataracts in Zanzibar, one boy's journey towards sight
"The medicine that you distribute to us, we are very happy and it's working for us." Abdullah welcomes us into his community in Nigeria where your support helps us tackle avoidable blindness from diseases like trachoma!
Esther was so impressed with the treatment she received for blinding trachoma in Mozambique that she's now helping others overcome their surgery fears too! #EndTrachoma

cc: The Queen Elizabeth Diamond Jubilee Trust

Continuing Success – Surgery And Refusals - - End Trachoma
Umar volunteers to distribute sight-saving treatments to his neighbours in #Nigeria because he knows how important good #eyehealth is!
On the last day of #NationalStorytellingWeek we're sharing Peter's story. He was born with a disability and his family never thought he would walk, so they were worried about his future. But since he has been a part of our disability inclusive pre-school in Malawi he is starting to take his first steps!
Manju is 45-years-old and lives in a traditional hut with her husband and three children in Bikaner, India. When she was seven, she had an allergic reaction on her skin which lead to a nearby hospital injecting her incorrectly, affecting her nerves and resulting in a disability. Until Manju was visited by our local partner she didn't know she could receive support for living with a disability....
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Today's story belongs to Sister Dementina. She works as a nurse in Morogoro Hospital, Tanzania, and has been a nun her whole life. Sister Dementina supports us by running eye health camps in remote areas of Tanzania. She describes her job as so important because "for many [the main hospital] is simply too far away and is too expensive for people to afford the cost of travel". Without people...
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In 2016, 25 million people received treatment through our #beatNTDs programme with DFID - UK Department for International Development. Check out the story in pictures from The Guardian. [ Link ]

Eliminating infectious blindness in Nigeria – in pictures
We're part-way through #NationalStorytellingWeek and we've got plenty of incredible stories to tell! Stories like Evodia's from Cameroon. Evodia volunteers as a Community Directed Distributor – a trained trusted member of a community who distributes drugs – to cure and protect people from life-changing diseases like river blindness. She gets up very early every day and gives her time for free...
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"Challenges are there and new ones will confront us. But the London Declaration has given me a confidence – a confidence that we will achieve the elimination of neglected tropical diseases in my working life." Sightsavers' Simon Bush blogs on progress towards beating some of the world's nastiest diseases in the countries where we work. [ Link ] #BeatNTDs

cc: DFID - UK Department for...
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Celebrating the milestones in beating NTDs at the London Declaration
We'd like to share 44-year-old Lamine's story from Senegal today! Lamine has been blind since the age of nine. The majority of children with blindness and visual impairments in countries like Senegal are excluded from mainstream education. But thanks to our inclusive education project with the Senegalese government, Lamine was able to go to an inclusive school and then study at a higher level....
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