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#Hugs all around from the family for Amina! She’s just come back home after her double #cataract operation in Mozambique. Amina had been blind for three years. In that time she lost her business and was unable to farm. With her sight restored, Amina can now take care of herself independently and see her baby grandson Zacarias for the first time! Happy #NationalHugDay! #MillionMiracles
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“Every child has the right to an education no matter whether they have a disability or not.”

cc: L'Union européenne au Sénégal

EU officials praise Sightsavers' inclusive education school | News
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All is not blue on #BlueMonday! There are people in the world like Dr Nyaluke, a Child Cataract Surgeon in Tanzania who is saving children’s sight every day! <3 #MillionMiracles
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Despite his hearing problems and poor mobility, Amarchand is able to access treatment for his sight thanks to an outreach eye health camp near his home in India. We want all of our programmes to be this inclusive of people with disabilities, because health is a human right. How data is helping us reach our goals: [ Link ] #UNDataForum

Sightsavers set to promote crucial role of data at world-first forum
"I feel bad not going to school – when other friends of mine are going I feel bad being left behind." Although Uganda has universal free education, nearly half of all children with disabilities, like Hamza, aren't in school because there isn't the equipment or staffing needed to support them. But if disability is prioritised in global plans to fight poverty, it could mean millions of kids like...
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Susan, who's 10, has a map of her school in her head so she can move around easily and help other children with visual impairments learn and play with their peers! #InThePicture
"A lot is at stake. These neglected tropical diseases disproportionately affect the poor; they cause lifelong suffering and cost billions in lost productivity."

Great article via Emilie Filou and The Economist on progress towards stamping out some of the world's nastiest, painful, and sometimes blinding diseases, in the fight against global poverty.

Worth a read --> [ Link ] #NoMoreNTDs

No time for neglect
On #WorldLaughterDay, thanks for helping us keep cheeky grins on the faces of kids like Omari by preventing avoidable blindness!

Donate - Sightsavers International
Thanks to disability inclusive pre-schooling in Malawi, Chaona, who's visually impaired (pictured front centre), will now carry on with his education like any other child!

To meet his mother's concerns about whether teachers will understand his needs, Sightsavers, through Comic Relief funding, has trained village chiefs and management committee members to write letters of introduction for...
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“When Chisomo arrives, the children flock straight to her, and don’t stray far from her. She has a very jovial nature and that attracts friends ... I love working with children, making sure they grow and become independent citizens.” Thanks to volunteer caregivers like Justin, Chisomo's empowered to learn and play with her peers!

#Disability #Inclusion #LeaveNoOneBehind
Small steps, big changes. How the lives of children with disabilities are being transformed through inclusive pre-schools in Malawi!

These colourful toys have bells inside them so that visually-impaired children can play along with their friends. It’s one of the ways our early learning centres in Malawi make sure everybody’s included – so important, because when it comes to having the chance to learn and be happy, no child should be left behind! #BacktoSchool
Happy #WorldBrailleDay! At this school in Uganda, we trained five teachers in reading #Braille so they could help blind children learn with their peers!
How did your kids and grandkids enjoy their first day back at school? Chisomo and Chaona love going to class! Both children have disabilities, but unlike some other children with disabilities their age in Malawi, they’re empowered to learn with their peers. Thanks to inclusive early learning, Chisomo and Chaona have the chance to thrive. Tomorrow, we’ll share some of the ways in which our...
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If (like us) you ate a few too many mince pies over Christmas, here's a way you could work them all off! Sign up to run for us in this year's #LondonMarathon and you could also help save sight! [ Link ] #NewYearsResolutions

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Are your kids and grandkids excited to go #backtoschool after the Christmas holidays? We hope they're as excited as these children in Malawi! They attend one of the pre-schools we support along with Comic Relief, which provides a safe learning space for children aged three to five years old. This includes children with disabilities, who are often excluded from learning with their peers. The...
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#HappyNewYear to all of our Facebook followers! We look forward to sharing more sight-saving miracles and stories of disability inclusion and empowerment with you in 2017! Thank you for all of your support!
If you've already donated a miracle to help a child like Haji this Christmas, we'd like to say a huge thank you! It's thanks to the kindness of people like you that he's received the sight-saving surgery he needed! See the difference for yourself: [ Link ] #MillionMiracles

Haji | Million Miracles
"My heart is pumping!" Despite her nerves while her grandson was in the operating theatre, Elizabeth was about to experience a miracle moment first-hand! After surgery to remove a blinding cataract from his eye in Tanzania, Haji could finally see clearly again. And the next day, when his bandages were removed, Elizabeth's happiness and relief was visible. "Thank you! Thank you!" she beamed....
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