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"The Lord, the Inner-knower, the Searcher of hearts, knows all about my state of mind; so who else should I go to and speak to?"

Daily Hukamnama - March 24, 2017 | SikhNet
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This video lecture is by SSS Harbhajan Singh Khalsa (Yogi Ji). It was recorded in 1988, and edited with text and images by Guru Trang Singh Khalsa. The original title was "What Sangat Means", and Guru Trang Singh retitled it "The Neuroendocrinology and Electromagnetic Infinity of Siri Guru Granth Sahib Ji"
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"O True Lord and Master, You are truly my King; whatever You do, all that is True. "

Daily Hukamnama - March 23, 2017 | SikhNet
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The festival of Hola Mohalla gives us a great message that we should all try to fill our lives with Divine love which is permanent and never changes and always gives eternal peace, bliss and equipoise unlike other loves of this world which are mere entanglements and give pain.

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Emotions are part of life, and if we don't want them to control us than we have to clear them.

The seat of guilt and shame | SikhNet
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The American adventurer in the court of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.

Book Review ~ The Tartan Turban: In Search of Alexander Gardner | SikhNet
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Why be in Chardi Kala? Why not when you're not in control anyways!

Chardi Kala – Sikh Reasons to Be Cheerful | SikhNet
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This is one of the highest level conversations recorded.

Siddh Gosht | SikhNet
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"Our goal is not to change the religion," Sangha said. "Our goal is to provide support to people who are suffering, who are alienated, who are isolated, who are lonely, who are depressed, who are suicidal. We want to create safe spaces."

Sher Vancouver and Khalsa Diwan Society unite LGBT and Sikh communities for Vaisakhi for first time | SikhNet
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"Meditate, meditate in remembrance on the Lord of the Universe. "

Daily Hukamnama - March 22, 2017 | SikhNet
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Sikhi is my world.
Sikhi is my life.
Sikhi is my pride.

Sikhi and the Gursikh ~ Poem by Ramneet Kaur | SikhNet
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New Job Opening at SikhNet. Seeking Experienced iOS App Developer with a Mission to Serve…. :)

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"This is the Guru’s Praise, to chant the Name of the Lord. "

Daily Hukamnama - March 21, 2017 | SikhNet
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Sikhs of New York invite you to Join Turban Day at Times Square on April 15th, 2017
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"It's a really cool event, education about different cultures and religions is so important in our diverse community" ~Rima Hamadi

Sikh groups invite others to 'Experience the Turban' | SikhNet
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