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This Simba and Nala pin is the perfect way to celebrate 30 years of the Disney Store:

Exclusive: Disney Store Reveals the 30th Anniversary Pin Set
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Make the holidays the mane event with this snowflake paper art.
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You’re free to run around all day with Disney Crossy Road IRL:
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See if Simba’s look will make you the mane event:

Quiz: Which Disney Hair Statement Should You Try?
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Practice makes purrfect. (: Disney Instagram)
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Find out if your week will mean no worries with a coloring book page featuring The Lion King:

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Find out which The Lion King quote should guide you on the path unwinding:

Quiz: Which The Lion King Quote Represents Your Destiny?
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If you love The Lion King try identifying it with just two words as your guide:

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Remember who you are and see if a song from The Lion King should be your motto:

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Get inspiration for a roaring outfit for your next trip to the Magic Kingdom:

What 7 Disney Style Fans Packed for Walt Disney World
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Remember when baby Simba sneezed? See the moment again:

Literally Just Adorable Disney Animal GIFs
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If Simba was your favorite character in the ‘90s, you might relate to this:

9 Disney Animals We May Have Had Crushes On Growing Up
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Everything this list touches is full of ‘90s Disney nostalgia:

'90s Disney Moments We'll Never Forget
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Make breakfast the mane event with Simba by Dancakes. ????
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Are you The Lion King's number one fan? Ace this trivia quiz and then shout it from the top of Pride Rock:

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See if your Halloween costume is gonna be the mane event:

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This movie's gonna be the mane event! Learn more:

Jon Favreau Announces Upcoming Reimagining of The Lion King
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Here's how you know you're gonna be a mighty king like Simba:

Signs You're Actually Simba From The Lion King
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You’ll never believe who inspired Simba’s mane in The Lion King; learn about that and so much more:

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Find out what happened when New York Mets outfielder Yoenis Cespedes walked out to "Circle of Life" from The Lion King:

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