Simon's Cat
Simon's Cat
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Have you ever caught your cat stealing food from your plate? (Click for Sound)

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Ruth Williams
Pez Schloegl
Simon's Cat
Simon's Cat
04/26/2017 at 11:55. Facebook
Have you seen Simon's Cat? We can't seem to find him! ???? (Click for Sound)
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Annie Shakeshaft
Simon's Cat
Simon's Cat
04/25/2017 at 10:39. Facebook
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Cat vs Boxes! (Click for Sound)

Which one is your cat's favourite?
Tanja Schepers
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Happy National Cat Lady Day to all the cat moms! (Click for Sound)

How are you celebrating? #nationalcatladyday
Gerdina A. Kleiker-Visser
Laydia Bergeron
Melissa Tigue
Getting new furniture when you have cats!

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Facing the mirror after a long weekend! (Click for Sound)
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Happy Easter!
Happy Easter
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Are you excited for the Easter weekend? ☺

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Simon's Cat is on the hunt for...Easter eggs! ???? (Click for Sound)

How many can you spot?
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Terri Geard
To celebrate National Gardening Week we compiled a list of six cat friendly plants to grow for your cat’s purrsonal pleasure! ⛏

Read here: [ Link ]

What's your cat's favourite?
To celebrate National Gardening Week we compiled a list of six cat
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Christine Barholt
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Pack your lunch Simon's Cat style!

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Can you spot Simon's Cat?

Watch Simon draw and paint this hilarious Easter image here: [ Link ]
Can you spot Simons Cat Watch Simon draw and paint this hilarious
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Happy National Pet Day! ❤ ❤ (Click for Sound)

What do you love most about your cats?

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Happy Siblings Day! (Click for Sound)

Don't forget to tag your siblings and share the love!
Simon's Cat
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Suitcase packing for cat owners! (Click for Sound)

Do your cats try and help out?
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Cat-astrophe! (Click for Sound)

Does this look familiar?
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Happy World Rat Day!
Happy World Rat Day
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