Cassie you have done the most amazing job! "Hey Simone! Thanks again for being such an inspiration. Thought I'd message to celebrate as today I've officially lost 200.4lb. I'm so close to target now. 45lb to go. 9 months post op.

Thanks again for everything you do for the wls community and help motivating everyone to be the better us. Take care x"
They say you are lucky. They have no idea how damn hard you competed to get there.
Made Jamie Oliver's feta and pea risotto for dinner tonight - I'm in cheesy heaven ❀
Some of you may be familiar with Arbonne Australia & New Zealand skin and beauty products already. Well, they have just launched a new vegan-certified nutrition range! I'll be trialling a few products I've chosen from the range over the next couple of weeks, stay tuned to hear what I think! #ArbonneNutrition #ArbonneEssentials
???? who else has sexy gym facials?! Thanks @nicolealyceh for always capturing my best facial expressions
Can't get over my new nail designs! Love this grey and gold star combo thanks so much blush baby you are so talented
Just got home from a late night of sports to a beautifully cooked meal thanks to @trentforsyth - thank you babe! You are amazing
One of my most frequently asked questions is people wanting to know what they can do to work out if they can’t make it to a gym. So today I have teamed up with The Warehouse to bring you this video demonstrating some great full body exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home!

[ Link ]

All workout gear worn can be found at [ Link ]
I have been so...
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Having such a productive day, and ticking so much off that little list! Wearing this stunning PIA BOUTIQUE dress and it's totally brightening my day.
Back home and despite being shattered made sure I went and did a weekly food shop and got all my meals sorted! Feeling so organised - still getting through about 5 loads of muddy and wet washing Tonight for dinner we made lamb pitas - so yummy!
If you ever needed a reason to come to Splore, here are two pretty good reasons right here Such a rad weekend, rain, mud and utter dirtiness all added to the vibes
Today at @splorefestival we tied up the yachts and had a pirate party! Then I popped our dingy so we had to swim to shore oops....
At @splorefestival for the weekend, and the main thing I am excited for is the amazing food Sushi cone for dinner tonight
reminds me of the post I did the other day, can relate so much...
Look at this insane transformation by @champagnekatieb "Hey gorgeous, I just wanted to say how much you inspire me. I've struggled with my weight my whole life and it's only now I'm starting to feel comfortable in my own skin with my journey. On days I feel like I'm not getting anywhere I come on your page and it inspires me to get right back on the horse again you truly are so inspiring so...
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Be that girl who wakes up with a purpose and intent. Be that girl that shows up and never gives up, who believes anything is possible and is willing to work for it. @nicolealyceh you killed me, this was right at the end our session and I was so wanting to just give up!
Just arrived home to the best surprise ever, a selection of completely raw and vegan treats from @clean_andmean - created with only natural and organic ingredients.

The Cacao and Coconut bliss balls are made from dates and oats, so perfect for when you need energy in the morning or afternoon. The Pistachio and Cranberry bites are naturally sweetened with agave syrup and coconut, and drizzled...
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Find a wall and give these a go! I love that you can do these in the comfort of your own home. These exercises are such a good full body workout that combine balance, coordination, strength and control. Activewear from The Warehouse Active Intent range - it's the most amazing light weight fabric and still gives the best support. The high waistbands get a massive tick from me! #TheWarehouseStyle
Life throws crazy things at you, and if you’re one of the lucky ones you meet someone, and it’s so clear that the two of you belong together. As lovers, or as best friends, or as family, or all together at once which makes it something entirely different. You just somehow work. You understand one another, you’re in love and they somehow become your partner in crime without a second thought....
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