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Adriana says - On this february 25 many great things to celebrate: 1 great night at Alcatraz (Milano 2014 with my brilliant italian friends), another brilliant night at the Barrowlands with the legendary 5x5live (2012) and a big success ad results for one of my beloved one among all your songs:
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Springs is in the air! Ot at least it is in some places, including beautiful Japan - as you can see from this Tokyo pic.
My intention is to eventually spend more time in that country, for the moment I indulge my dreams in that becoming a reality. Much like the "Glaswegian Kid" does in this song which Charlie and I wrote - that some think is one of the standouts from...
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So many good memories of seeing The Skids back in those late '70's post punk days. Best was seeing them for the first time in their home town of Dunfermline. I was stunned, much in the same way as when seeing U2 live for the first time. Both bands of course having unique and electrifying guitarists, as well as seemingly possessed frontmen that could light up any...
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In reference to last Sunday's post relaying that influential American music critic Bob Lefsetz had written a complimentary piece on Simple Minds Acoustic. A number of people previously unaware of the critic/writer/thinker have since been asking about Lefsetz and his work?

I've already stated that in my opinion that when it comes to describing what it once meant to be passionate about music,...
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We are pleased to see quite a number of younger kids coming along to the gigs, noticed this also recently in Australia and New Zealand.
But some of them are not only coming to watch and listen, as was the case with Liam Warring who - with permission from his school - came up from Nelson to Christchurch to make a small documentary on Simple Minds Live for a school project....
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SIMPLE MINDS ACOUSTIC : With praise still coming in for the acoustic album, how can we not be looking forward to the upcoming Spring tour of Europe/Ireland/UK.

The one - off London, Hackney gig that featured live on the BBC last November, did the profile of the project a world of good. I guess on the back of that we were delighted to see ticket sales for the tour go so well.

Not a bad...
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Getting up early this morning. Looking forward to a day's hiking and with a view to getting out into the countryside just before daylight - I did not expect my mobile to start alerting me to number of mail arrivals. "What is the fuss?" I thought, while heading towards Stirling and into the great wide open around the hills near Braco and beyond.
But first...
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RIP Brian Pern.

Tragic news indeed. Brian was such a huge influence on so many of my generation. JK

Brian Pern 1951-2017
Hard to believe? Seems like only a few days ago we were all set to go out and perform in record breaking temperatures of 45 degrees or more in Hunter Valley NSW, Australia. And now.... I'm loading the car up with my hiking stuff... all set to get out into one of Scotland's national parks. Fire and ice indeed!

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And with the last show in Christchurch now over, it is time to move on to the next adventure. We loved every minute of every gig, including of course the warmth of the audiences and the music we heard. B-52's were really a blast.
Above all it was wonderful to be in two countries that we are very attached to.
OZ + NZ have played a big part in our career, something we...
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Even being attacked by a cyclops cannot put Charlie off. (pic Evelyn Wade)

That said, sometimes on this tour we have felt like we were railing against the Gods.
Our friend Ross wrote this morning ""State of emergency bushfires in Christchurch now Jim!
Since arriving down under you have had biblical rain, bushfires and hellish heat. Not to mention hundreds of dead whales...
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CHRISTCHURCH: Last show of the tour and that means last show with the fabulous B-52's, who just celebrated 40 years of playing live.
I enjoyed listening to their story as told by singer Kate Pierson. Had me thinking how all bands have their individual stories with some common themes. Possibly including their beginnings, struggles, fortunate successes, break-ups and disappointments, loss of...
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CHRISTCHURCH : It's been awhile but we're literally on our way!
Along with the brilliant B-52's, we will see you tomorrow night.
The last gig of the tour.
What is it they say again? You should always keep your best for last?

Who knows what part St Valentine played, but it felt that a wall of love was coming our way tonight in Auckland?
A truly great audience made us feel like we were playing in front of a home crowd?
Christchurch, we are on our way tomorrow! Looking forward to Thursday night's gig - little sad that it will be the last of this fantastic tour.

Art : Larelle.
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Auckland: Looking forward to seeing you!

We are on in just a few hours ...@7:30pm... Vector Arena.

See you there!

pic Vince Barker
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IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT Simple Minds Official & The B-52's SHOW TIMINGS:

The B-52's will be celebrating their 40th anniversary on Tues 14 Feb! To mark the milestone, both bands have agreed that The B-52s will close the show.
In a change from previously advertised times, external doors and bars will open at 6pm, with Simple Minds taking the stage at approximately 7.30pm,...
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NEW ZEALAND - Kia ora! ......Hello from Simple Minds!
Arrived in Auckland, and very happy to be here.
With a free day to rest and relax, we'll make the most to re charge after the " white hot heat" of Australia. Assured to be in form for tomorrow night's show at VECTOR ARENA, followed by Thursday's gig in Christchurch Arena. See you all there!

pic Vince Barker

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Shot taken backstage in Brisbane, few minutes before our final gig of this Australian tour.
Hopefully you can see from the expressions that we have enjoyed ourselves immensely. We've also been touched by the amount of love felt for Simple Minds music - played live.

To all who helped organise this tour... we say thanks!
But to all who came to see us over these...
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BRISBANE: So many wonderful memories of past gigs in Brisbane through the decades. Hellbent on making tonight's also one to remember. Then again, that is our attitude with every single gig we play. Our audience deserves it.
See you all later...hope you enjoy!

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"Last gig of the Australian tour tonight Catherine."

" Yes Brisbane and it's to be seriously hot. might not need that coat and scarf Jim?"