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Jim sitting at the BBC Radio 6 Music Roundtable in Glasgow with Steve Lamacq!

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Just a reminder that Jim is on BBC Radio 6 Music Roundtable right now!

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23/03/2017, Steve Lamacq's Roundtable - BBC Radio 6 Music
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Although the music of Bowie, Bolan, Lou, The Doors and so many others introduced us to a passion that would remain with us for the rest of our lives. Of course we never dared look at them and think that we too, could in any way, even remotely do what they did, by forming bands and becoming recording artists etc. No chance!

To us they were "Rock Stars."...
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THE BIG WHEEL: The snow is falling in Glasgow as I write. And although it might be hard to imagine while looking out the window, officially yesterday was the first day of Spring. Time marches indeed.

Today is Charlie's last day of recording on what is destined to be our new album - Simple Minds 17th to date.
In a few hours he will pick out the last few beautiful notes, and most probably...
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So much music going on this coming week in Glasgow - as BBC Radio 6 Music Festival - visits our city. I am looking forward to seeing Gloldfrapp,Sparks, Future Islands, King Creosote, and Depeche Mode amongst others. As long as we can finish our new album recording by midweek that is? I reckon we can! But at any rate I will also be guesting on Steve Lamacq's show live on BBC Radio 6, live from...
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ROLL OVER BEETHOVEN: Chuck Berry - "the father of rock n roll" died last night. I am sure you will already have heard.
I really felt something on hearing the news. As most know, it was Berry, Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis that invented a style of music on which our own is still fundamentally based.

It may well seem a long way from some (mostly black) guys in the southern states of...
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At least 4 of us who go stage with Simple Minds, are Scots who came from Irish family backgrounds. Being so, St Patrick's Day, 17th of March, was always the day when a piece of Shamrock was pinned to our school blazers - reminding us to identify with that fact.

The rest of the year, we returned to be being proud Scots. Complicated? Not for us!

Best St...
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I wake at 6 AM and within 15 minutes, about it all it takes to shower and make a cup of coffee, I am in the room that I use for writing.

Nothing fancy about the room. I don't want distractions and therefore it is sparsely furnished, mostly with some wobbly Ikea products. Of course they are wobbly? I put them together - and I never read the instructions...
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It all about Charlie Burchill this week. Ideally it should all be about Charlie every week. Listened to a solo he played yesterday, felt like the the entire room was elevating.
From another era? His sound on the new stuff seems to be from another planet.
Like Ronson, Manzanera, McGeoch, Edge, and Gilmour.
Who are your favourite guitar players?
We wanted to share the following film made by director Richard Curtis for an important campaign by the World Food Programme and the EU...

"In 2015, Ethiopia was hit by extreme drought – 10 million people faced terrible hunger. Ethiopian people are fighting hunger hard but, when crisis hits, no one can cope alone. Humanitarian aid from the EU helped the World Food Programme to provide...
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What Food Means: Fighting Hunger in Ethiopia

Watch and find out how international support from the World Food Programme and the European Union helped the people of Ethiopia avert a food crisis after a d...


Posting a few days ago about travelling in the back of a transit van from Glasgow to Aberdeen, back in September 1979. ( A 290 mile and 6 hour round trip.) I of course reflected on how much of a comfort level had crept into our lives, between then and now.

That trip (and so many others like it) was done only so that we could try to further enhance our then fledgling live...
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The Stranglers return to Glasgow this weekend. It seems to be an annual event for them and no doubt they will have a raucous but nevertheless adoring welcome as always. Deservedly so.

I won't be there, but a few Minds are planning to go along. We are after all big fans of Jean Jacques Burnel and Co, and that admiration goes way back to 1977 and the the height of Punk - when we first saw them...
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BREAKFAST CLUB - STUDIO DAYS: Occasionally before it all gets started in the studio, there is a breakfast at my place. (Black coffee and sicilian blood red oranges - this week's breakfast of champions?) It gives a chance to go over and review the previous day's work, possibly decide on that days plan of action, and discuss whatever other stuff that needs to be discussed. (I am pretty sure the...
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It is about 45 minutes walk from my place into the recording studio. That walk takes me past many places that played a part in our teenage years.
I like to listen to music during the journey into work, instinctively I am drawn towards the artists who originally inspired us, and continue to do so. T REX always feature in any playlist I put together.
Most people know...
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Thrilled to return home yesterday and find the blossom arriving in my street.
I love the month of March. Yes I know, it is still downright chilly, the rain comes down etc, and most likely will continue to do so. But the darkness is disappearing, new life is on it's way.
Talking of new life?
Of course I get nostalgic in many ways. A part of getting older, a natural hankering for what...
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CRY AGAIN ACOUSTIC? It was more than 15 years ago, however it was Gordy Goudie's (pic) re - arrangement of CRY ( We retitled it Cry Again ) that started to convince us that maybe Simple Minds could and should work on some more acoustic based arrangements for a future project.

Fast forward to early last year, to when we finally decided to record our SIMPLE MINDS ACOUSTIC album. It made sense...
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Those who saw the November BBC broadcast of 'Simple Minds Acoustic' from Hackney Empire will already know how much we admire the music of Steve Harley. They will also have seen how thrilled our audience was to witness Steve lead Simple Minds through a rendition of his wonderful Make Me Smile. (Come Up And See Me) We sincerely hope Steve keeps to his promise of...
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How we made Cockney Rebel’s Make Me Smile (Come Up and See Me)
Adriana says - On this february 25 many great things to celebrate: 1 great night at Alcatraz (Milano 2014 with my brilliant italian friends), another brilliant night at the Barrowlands with the legendary 5x5live (2012) and a big success ad results for one of my beloved one among all your songs:
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Springs is in the air! Ot at least it is in some places, including beautiful Japan - as you can see from this Tokyo pic.
My intention is to eventually spend more time in that country, for the moment I indulge my dreams in that becoming a reality. Much like the "Glaswegian Kid" does in this song which Charlie and I wrote - that some think is one of the standouts from...
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So many good memories of seeing The Skids back in those late '70's post punk days. Best was seeing them for the first time in their home town of Dunfermline. I was stunned, much in the same way as when seeing U2 live for the first time. Both bands of course having unique and electrifying guitarists, as well as seemingly possessed frontmen that could light up any...
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