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Robert Robbins Sr.
Jackie Ortega
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Peace and happiness As human beings we all want to be happy and free from misery. We have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace. The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger, attachment, fear and suspicion, while love and compassion and a sense of universal… 06/25/2017

The Greatest Obstacles to Inner Peace
Laugh till your stomach hurts
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You can't rewrite your past...
Ralph Mackey
Carol Pellegrini Selvaggi
Paul Credico
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Malathi Sunderraman
Lizabeth Merson
Laura Tecla Ardila Piva Loca
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This young girl overcame so much when she was growing up. She charmed the judges when she first stepped onstage, but her voice transformed when she hit the first note.
This young girl overcame so much when she was growing up She

9-year-old girl almost dies from "double-pneumonia." Now her transformed voice stuns the crowd
Amanda Brobst Seibert
Linda MacMillan
Audryte Ripkauskiene
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Let go of what's gone...
Myrna Peek
Valadez Victoria
Varun Isha
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Easaneehai Manuelpillai
Jean Nel
Heidi Kær Sørensen
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Nadira Thiris
Patricia Westgate
Ashwin Salunke
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Jess B. Smith
Ty Tran
Christina Lanora
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Bullies made fun of Michaela Davert's unique look growing up. Today, she stuns them all.
Bullies made fun of Michaela Davert's unique look growing up Today she stuns them all

Little Girl Is Teased For Brittle Bones. 18 Years Later, She Transforms And Has The Last Laugh
Afrika Abney
Suzana Behl
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<3 Quotes Gate
3 Quotes Gate
Cloudel Gorin
Venkat Nagesh Nalla
Malva Payton
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When she chooses to ignore you...
Lee Peggy
Lisa Khor
John Chough
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<3 Expanded Consciousness
3 Expanded Consciousness
Alana Hodges
Frances Alvarez
Kim Millwood
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<3 The Lord is my Shepherd; I shall not Want. - Psalm23:1
John Missy Kidd
Leo van Batenburg
Rudy J Cortez
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Angie Okamoto
Letricia Creel
Rebecca Mejia
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Loretta Thomas
Carol J. Farago
Pamela Berrie
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Lee Peggy
Rosíe S Gone
Scott Cuccaro
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Barbara Kirby
Pam Hall
Jodie Pearson
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<3 Bryant McGill
3 Bryant McGill
Soulaiman Agrebi
Jackie Collica
Marylou Saporito
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