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Instagram post by S I M P L E R E M I N D E R S • Apr 28, 2017 at 4:12am UTC
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<3 Intelligence is sexy
3 Intelligence is sexy
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Peter hired a woman named Cassie to be a dishwasher in his restaurant. He knew her circumstances were complicated, and that she had 2 children. But when he heard Cassie was feeling ill, something told Peter to find out where she lived and pay her a visit.
Peter hired a woman named Cassie to be a dishwasher in his

Secretive Mom Works 2 Jobs, But When She Calls In Sick, Boss’s Gut Tells Him To Go In Her House
Susan St Clair Moss
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Pain changes people, but it also makes them stronger. <3
Pain changes people but it also makes them stronger
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Carmen Harra shares her insights on knowing if you found your Soul Mate! Featuring 'How to know you are in love' by Dr Seuss. Ten Ways to Know If They're Your Soul Mate by Carmen Harra, PhD 04/28/2017

10 Ways to Know If They're Your Soul Mate
Ster Lucia Doina
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Do you think this is the best relationship?
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Time and good friends. <3
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3 Quotes Gate
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