The World Food Programme and SU are collaborating to make your moonshot idea about eliminating world hunger a reality. Finalists will attend a WFP Innovation Accelerator in Munich in April, with one team attending our Global Solutions Program in Silicon Valley this summer, tuition-free!
"Many big players such as IBM and Cisco are developing data-driven systems for urban planning, transportation, energy, law enforcement and much more."

The Cities of the Future Are Smart, Green, Connected Innovation Hubs
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Imagine a cancer-diagnosing microchip that can be printed on an inkjet printer for a penny

This One-Cent Lab-on-a-Chip Can Diagnose Cancer and Infections
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Talk about big data; imagine a GPS system that provides real-time accuracy within centimeters.

Europe's TREASURE Will Be the King of All GPSs
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Stay in touch, no matter the distance. Emerge began in GSP15, and now it's your turn to join us for our Global Solutions Program (GSP). Applications close soon. #GSP17 Start yours today:
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“The Six Ds are a chain reaction of technological progression, a road map of rapid development that always leads to enormous upheaval and opportunity.”
–Peter Diamandis & Steven Kotler, Bold

The 6 Ds of Tech Disruption – SingularityU
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Please note for the time being our conferences & Summit will still be live, in-person events.

Will VR Disrupt the Airline Industry? Sci-Fi Show Meets Press Virtually Instead of Flying
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How big data in health creates big opportunities, big risks, and big business.

Our Health Data Can Save Lives, But We Have to Be Willing to Share
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This webinar is free! Register now to join us live or get the recording. We'll cover emerging business models, how tech is changing them, and how companies with traditional business planning can become more nimble.

Designing Exponential Business Models - Singularity University
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Peter Diamandis does a fun little then & now. We're pretty excited for 2117.

How the World Has Changed From 1917 to 2017
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AIME (GSP15) is using AI to detect outbreaks before they happen. Join them in the ranks of startups conceived at our Global Solutions Program. The application deadline has just been extended to 3/5! #GSP17 [ Link ]
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600 kids presented 150 solutions to Global Grand Challenges, with 12 finalists moving into a three-month accelerator in Dubai. Top teams will join us for the Singularity University Global Summit in August!

Young minds focus on high-tech to tackle the world’s ills | The National
Every year entrepreneurs from around the world join us to learn how to use exponential technologies to solve humanity's global grand challenges. Will you join them? Applications are due 3/5! #GSP17

Global Solutions Program - Catalyzing Innovation for Humanity
"A recent report from the Global Risk Institute predicted that there is a one in seven chance vital cryptography tools will be rendered useless by 2026, rising to a 50% chance by 2031."

Quantum Computers Could Crush Today's Top Encryption in 15 Years
Technology is creating a new set of rules that will change our very existence.

6 Big Ways Tech Is Rewriting Society's Rules
Iris AI is using machine learning to democratize research. How will you use technology to help others? Apply for our Global Solutions Program 2017 and make your moonshot a reality. #GSP17
GSP alumni Roberto Alvarez reflects on his new worldview in the Age of Disruption.

The Age of Disruption – SingularityU
Impact Vision, from GSP15, is working to democratize hyper spectral imaging to reduce food waste and health hazards. Join us for GSP17 & make your moonshot happen. #GSP17
Nathaniel Calhoun, our new Managing Director of our Global Solutions Program, shares insights on how technology could help us achieve food security around the world. This year, we've launched the #FoodImpactChallenge with the World Food Programme. Learn more & apply at