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Forget the beauty, and see the beast. See The Belko Experiment, in theaters TOMORROW. Get tickets: [ Link ]
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The Belko Experiment is being called "clever, vicious and insane". See it in theaters next Friday, March 17th.
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YouTube celebrity is a freaky, unpredictable thing — you never know what video is going to make its poster an overnight viral superstar, whether they desired that fame or not. But today’s creepypasta is a story of one unfortunate user whose virtual popularity took a decidedly dark and unexplained tu...

A Popular YouTuber Deleted Her Account After She Saw This Chilling Footage
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Witness the origin of evil and own Ouija on Blu-ray & DVD with terrifying deleted scenes & more. #OuijaMovie [ Link ]
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The horror genre is alive and well and will probably live forever — so we all have a lot to look forward to next year, and the year after that, and so on, and beyond. But let’s just focus on 2017 for the moment, shall we? After a banner year for scary movies in 2016, […]

28 Horror Movies to Get Excited About in 2017
12/30/2016. Facebook
Back in September, we premiered our original creepypasta video – a short adaptation of a little-known but extremely chilling 4chan thread entitled THE LAST TRAIL [check it out here]. Viewer feedback was so positive that we started production on new installments — with an eye on launching a dedicated...

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The horror genre is alive and well and will probably live forever — so we all have a lot to look forward to next year, and the year after that, and so on, and beyond. But let’s just focus on 2017 for the moment, shall we? After a banner year for scary movies in 2016, […]

28 Horror Movies To Get You Excited for 2017
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No soul will be safe when Incarnate possesses theaters TOMORROW. Get tickets now:
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Today’s tale may have disseminated widely on social media, but its origins can be traced back more than a century ago, to one fateful day when a single ancient volume was donated to a library in Archangel, Virginia — a massive tome whose history is mysteriously bound to that of the town itself. The…

CREEPYPASTA: A Horrifying Fate Awaits Those Who Read “The Book of Names”
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From the producers of Sinister comes their next chapter of evil. See Incarnate, in theaters this Friday.
Get tickets: [ Link ]
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On December 2nd, the producers of Sinister bring you Incarnate, the most terrifying exorcism movie yet.
Get tickets:
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Got some time off from work or school this holiday? It’s the perfect chance to binge-watch a horror TV series. Spend your post-turkey coma checking out these 8 terrific horror-fueled TV shows, all of which are currently streaming on Netflix Instant. GLITCH The entire first season of the Aussie show…

Thanksgiving Holiday Binge-Watching: 8 Awesome Horror TV Shows on Netflix
11/08/2016. Facebook
One of the most majestic qualities of the horror genre is that it’s the one genre of film that once every couple of generations can introduce “icons” into the pop culture lexicon. Whether you’ve seen the famous Universal Monster movies or not, pretty much everyone the world over instantly recognizes...

Who Are Our Modern Horror Icons?
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Wish Ethan Hawke a Happy Birthday in the comments below! Happy Birthday!
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Some of the world’s greatest minds (no less than Stephen Hawking, in fact) fear the development of artificial intelligence may result in the extinction of the human race… and if some of the latest tech breakthroughs are any indication, that doom might be closer than you think. [We even have visual p...

WARNING: This A.I. Project is Named “The Nightmare Machine” for a Very Good Reason
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Halloween is almost here! And Netflix has some choice selections for all of your holiday viewing. To help you decide which titles will best set the spooky mood, we have combed the Netflix horror options and compiled a list of the 10 scariest films that are currently streaming on Netflix Instant. Som...

The 10 Scariest Films on Netflix!
10/11/2016. Facebook
Today we’re revisiting a strange topic I originally addressed in my very first creepypasta article, “The Ten Creepiest Creepypastas (That Aren’t Slender Man).” In that piece, I briefly mentioned the alleged existence of “suicide videos” depicting famous cartoon characters (for example, Squidward fro...

CREEPYPASTA: A Closer Look at the Nightmarish Legend of “Suicide Mouse”
10/08/2016. Facebook
When we look back, 1981 was certainly a banner year for horror. Aside from some of the best horror movies of all time coming out, including AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON and EVIL DEAD, we had the nightmare inducing melting heads in RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK and the true arrival of Jason Voorhees in F...

When Pennywise Was Real: The Phantom Clown Scare of 1981
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Roger and his wife Carolyn Perron moved into their Harrisville, Rhode Island home in 1970. Built in 1736, the country home surrounded by 200 acres was the ideal spot for them to raise their five daughters: Andrea, Nancy, Christine, Cynthia, and April. However, it didn’t take long for the home’s old...

Meet the Perron Family: The Real Story Behind THE CONJURING
10/03/2016. Facebook
This isn’t the first year certain individuals or groups have reacted negatively to disturbing Halloween decorations [this ultra-gory display last year put an entire neighborhood on edge], and there are always those who fear that some décor ideas cross the line from creepy to dangerous. There’s a val...

This Controversial Halloween Decoration is Totally Creeping Out Customers