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What do you think of Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump impression on Saturday Night Live?
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"My name is Craig. I'm a part of The Craig Ferguson Show. I like to think a pivotal part." Can't wait until Monday's premiere? Watch the "show before the show" here.
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If you're a fan of Keith Urban, Brian McKnight, & Sam Hunt, it's time to meet Ryan Griffin! The co-writer behind Kelsea Ballerini’s chart-topping hit ‘Dibs’ has created a R&B-infused country sound we think you'll love.

Get to know Ryan Griffin: Infusing country with R&B, this Floridian is The Highway Find’s latest discovery
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Despite earning the name The Quiet Beatle, George Harrison had a lot to say in his music. Celebrate what would have been Harrison's 74th birthday by finding out which Beatles album was meant for you!

Quiz: Which Beatles album are you?
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Flashback Friday: Remember when Shia LeBouf showed off his rap skills (for real!) on Sway Calloway's Sway in the Morning? You've gotta watch this
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Is Pres. Trump "doing exactly what he promised?"

That's what Press Sec. Sean Spicer said about his boss when talking with David Webb on Patriot (Ch. 125).
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Happy Friday! We're feeling so happy for the amazing Hoda Kotb and her new daughter, Haley Joy! What's making you smile today?
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Why is CPAC so different this year?
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If you have a Whole Lotta Love for heavy music, test your Metal Mettle and see if you can Ace (of Spades) this quiz! ????

(Yes, we turned an epic pun into a quiz. You're welcome.)

Test your metal mettle with this headbangingly heavy quiz!
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Music fans know: a great soundtrack can make a movie. In honor of this weekend's Oscars, SiriusXM Pearl Jam Radio (Ch. 22) is counting down Pearl Jam's best cinematic contributions. Which soundtrack is your favorite?
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This former Republican National Committee chair is one half of "Steele & Ungar" on Ch. 124... and he's an EDM DJ.
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"How Would You Feel?" if you saw Ed Sheeran perform LIVE just days after his new album ÷ drops?
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Danica Patrick joins SiriusXM NASCAR Radio at Daytona 500 media day!
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Kathie Lee and Hoda love their AM???? and they should raise a glass to Chelsea Handler and The Real Brooke Shields for getting the tradition started!
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Oscar De La Hoya in the house!
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It's been 30 days since President Trump took office. Is it too early to crack a few jokes? These folks don't think so!
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"This is something she's longed for all her life." Kathie Lee Gifford tells SiriusXM Today how happy co-host Hoda Kotb is after adopting a baby girl, Hayley Joy Kotb.
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"For George, [music] was something that just came through him, almost like he had no control over it."

Hear Olivia Harrison describe her her late husband's artistic process and celebrate George Harrison all week on SiriusXM Classic Vinyl (Ch. 26)!
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Kurt Cobain listed his top 50 albums in his journal. How many of them do you know?

Quiz: Kurt Cobain would’ve been 50 this year! How close is your musical taste to his?
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In honor of Kurt Cobain's birthday—he would have been 50!—you can hear a re-airing of the Nirvana Town Hall on SiriusXM VOLUME.