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Skraaarrrrk! Happy hatch-day to me. I'm still hiding, but here's a flashback to a time when I was celebrating with my ranger friends [ Link ]
Sirocco Kākāpō
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Skraaarrk! Just like me, the beautiful and rare forest ringlet butterfly is loving island life — they've been spotted several times on the Hauraki Gulf's Little Barrier Island.

This butterfly is only found in New Zealand and has no close relatives: [ Link ]

Rare native butterfly found on Little Barrier Island
Sirocco Kākāpō
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Skraaarrrrk! Happy Birthday to me! It’s my 20th birthday this week and I’m celebrating differently this year.

My transmitter has stopped working and I’ve been playing hide and seek with the Kākāpō Recovery rangers on my predator-free island home. So far I’m winning! :<>

As my rangers say, I’m a healthy, relatively young kākāpō living in a habitat with plenty of food and no predators so I’m...
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Skrraaarrk! What are whio/blue duck doing at the Tongariro National Trout Centre? No, they're not eating all the fish!
Through the Whio Forever programme, my friends are working hard to ensure young whio are ready to tackle New Zealand's fast-flowing rivers... and survival rates are up!
Skraaarrk! Owha, a 300kg-leopard seal from the Antarctic, has moved north and made the fish-filled waters of Tutukaka her current home: [ Link ]

Owha the leopard seal snapped enjoying a fresh-fish diet
Boom! It's 'Whio Awareness Month' and conservation dog Neo has puckered-up with his best duck face to celebrate.

If you're in New Zealand, upload your best duck face selfie for your chance to win a whio wilderness experience. For more information: [ Link ]
Skraaarrk! It’s World Wildlife Day – do one thing today (and every day) to help the world's wildlife and wild places: #Youth4Wildlife
Skraaarrk! Happy Whio Awareness Month

It's a whole month to celebrate those rapids-loving, river surfing, whistling native whio/blue ducks. Check out the events and competitions happening around New Zealand: [ Link ]

Happy Whio Awareness Month
Skraaarrk! Thanks Lulu, Annie and Nico from the Kiwi Conservation Club for raising funds to help me and my kākāpō mates: [ Link ]

Fundraising for the kākāpō
Boom! Photo: Janice McKenna.
Skraaarrk! Don Merton, conservation pioneer and friend to kākāpō was born on this day in 1939: [ Link ]

I ❤ this quote...
Boom! Snuggle time for these New Zealand sea lions at Waipapa Point. Photo: Sabine Bernert.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends and fans! ❤
A tragedy here in New Zealand this weekend. 416 pilot whales beached themselves at Farewell Spit, followed by 200 the following day. Many of these whales didn’t survive.

Project Jonah New Zealand, DOC staff and hundreds of volunteers worked tirelessly over the weekend to save those they could. Whales in a suitable condition were able to be refloated during high tide. Volunteers also formed...
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Skraaarrk! A doting dabchick/weweia parent and chick at Pekapeka Wetlands in Hawke's Bay. Photo: Janice McKenna.

Happy #WorldWetlandsDay to all those species around the world that call this vital habitat home:
Skraaarrrrk! Cute alert. The #RoyalCam has a new star! Tune in to see the albatross chick live at The Royal Albatross Centre Otago Peninsula Trust
Skraaarrk! The sun was shining as the first 19 juvenile kakī/black stilts of the season were released onto the Tasman River last week:

Here they discuss their next move following the release. Photo: David Sagar.
Boom! Welcome to the newest bird species to wing its way to mainland New Zealand. Red-footed booby — all the way from the Galapagos Islands.

Nau mai, haere mai ki Aotearoa.

'Astonishing' first ever sighting of a red-footed booby
Skraaarrk! A slightly more sinister view of a kākāpō — this is Elwin in infrared.

Photo: Dr Andrew Digby |
Skraarrrk! Hello to all of my new followers around the world. Thanks for watching me on TV and learning about kākāpō. Meet Clout - he's one of the latest kākāpō chicks from our successful breeding season last year. Visit the Kākāpō Recovery team's page for more info on the work done to protect us. (Photo by Jo Carpenter).
Skraaarrk! New Year, New Parrot. My mate Alfie shared this photo of a kākā at Zealandia getting in some beak pull-ups.

How are your New Year's resolutions going?