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Sirocco Kākāpō
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Boom! Aussie mates save a lost baby penguin from a Sydney stormwater drain: [ Bit.ly Link ]

Rescuing a lost baby penguin from the stormwater drain

Skraaarrk! Those mischievous kea parrots do a questionable job of directing traffic at Homer Tunnel near Milford Sound: bit.ly/2gSRW4Z

Photo: Andrew Walmsley Photography
Skraaarrk! New Zealand's native frogs belong to an ancient group of frogs that have changed very little in over 70 million years.

They don't croak regularly like most frogs and they don't start out life as tadpoles — but they're camouflage game is strong: doc.govt.nz/frogs

Photo: Sabine Bernert
Skraaarrk! Searching for the latest updates on all things kākāpō?

Sign up to Kākāpō Recovery's newsletter to get all the latest news about my feathered family. The first update is due out in the next fortnight.

Sign up here: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Skraaarrk! Thanks Meridian Energy for supporting the Kākāpō Recovery Programme and encouraging people to adopt-a-kākāpō!

A perfect Christmas gift for that person who has it all, adopt one of my fellow species today: kakaporecovery.org.nz/adopt-a-kakapo

Adopt a Kākāpō - Kākāpō Recovery

Skraaarrk! On this day in 1948, conservation history was made in a remote part of Fiordland. The "extinct" takahē was rediscovered!

Check out the newly discovered colour footage from Te Papa.
Skraaarrk! Te Papa Museum recently found some mysterious old film reels in their archive that hadn’t been watched since the 1950s.

Amongst them has surfaced the only colour film reel that captured the 1948 expedition to the rugged Murchison Mountains – during which Dr Geoffrey Orbell rediscovered the takahē.

Look out for the video tomorrow!
Thoughts are with everyone affected by the Kaikoura earthquake, including the special wildlife. Researchers will check the seal and seabird colonies when it is safe to do so.

Impact of earthquakes on wildlife

Skraaarrk! Dedicated dad and diligent conservation dog, Jak, has passed away.

Jak was described as "the staunchest work colleague a man could ask for". He leaves behind an impressive four-legged whānau to continue his conservation legacy.

Read more about Jak's contribution to conservation: [ Bit.ly Link ]
Skraaarrk! Happy World Kindness Day
Skraaarrk! Why did the blue penguin not cross the road? Because there was a tunnel to keep the world's smallest penguin safe.

Here is Oamaru's penguin pass in action.
Boom! Our smallest native bird, the rifleman, has been spotted in a suburb of Porirua for the first time since 1925 thanks to community efforts by Pest Free Plimmerton.

These birds weigh about 6 grams and get their name from their feathers which resemble a colonial military uniform: ow.ly/Kpxn305KYlV
Skraaarrk! Great news for my fellow flightless friends in the Ross Sea. They are now living in the world's largest marine protected area.

Over 20 countries unanimously supported the proposal introduced by New Zealand and the US: ow.ly/oBGX305IpLv #CCAMLR #Antarctica
Boom! Bats always seem to get a bit of a bad rap during Halloween , but who couldn't love a face like this? Bats can be useful pollinators and pest controllers and their poop makes great fertiliser!

New Zealand is home to two surviving native bat species: doc.govt.nz/bats
Skraaarrk! Happy Diwali to all my friends that are celebrating.

It's a festival of lights, so let your light shine like these amazing native creatures — the New Zealand glow worms at Waitomo.
Skraaarrk! This handsome kākāpō is Hillary, named after Sir Edmund Hillary. He is the son of Bella and Blades.

Hillary is one of the 33 kākāpō chicks that hatched in the 2009 season.
Skraaarrk! Sunfish saved — rescuers responded to reports of an orca stranding, only to find a rare sunfish perilously close to shore.

The massive creature was saved thanks to a team effort from DOC, Thames Sailing Club and locals: [ Ow.ly Link ]

Saving a stranded sunfish

Boom! This paradise shelduck duckling was found along a track in the Maungaharuru-Tutira catchment, an area that is part of the Poutiri Ao ō Tāne predator-control project.

Separated from it's parents, it's now being looked after by a local bird rehabilitator where it will be raised to a suitable size before being released back into the wild: [ Ow.ly Link ]

Photo: Lauren Buchholz
Skraaarrk! This kiwi egg suffered a fairly big crack in North Taranaki. Luckily some masking tape and a used piece of egg shell saved this kiwi chick's life: [ Ow.ly Link ] #SaveKiwiMonth

Kiwi has a crack at life

Skraaarrk! The Moths and Butterflies Trust have launched a project to save the forest ringlet, a rare and elegant butterfly only found in New Zealand: [ Ow.ly Link ]

Photo: Catherine Beard