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Boom! Snuggle time for these New Zealand sea lions at Waipapa Point. Photo: Sabine Bernert.

Happy Valentine's Day to all my friends and fans! ❤
A tragedy here in New Zealand this weekend. 416 pilot whales beached themselves at Farewell Spit, followed by 200 the following day. Many of these whales didn’t survive.

Project Jonah New Zealand, DOC staff and hundreds of volunteers worked tirelessly over the weekend to save those they could. Whales in a suitable condition were able to be refloated during high tide. Volunteers also formed...
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Skraaarrk! A doting dabchick/weweia parent and chick at Pekapeka Wetlands in Hawke's Bay. Photo: Janice McKenna.

Happy #WorldWetlandsDay to all those species around the world that call this vital habitat home:
Skraaarrrrk! Cute alert. The #RoyalCam has a new star! Tune in to see the albatross chick live at The Royal Albatross Centre Otago Peninsula Trust
Skraaarrk! The sun was shining as the first 19 juvenile kakī/black stilts of the season were released onto the Tasman River last week:

Here they discuss their next move following the release. Photo: David Sagar.
Boom! Welcome to the newest bird species to wing its way to mainland New Zealand. Red-footed booby — all the way from the Galapagos Islands.

Nau mai, haere mai ki Aotearoa.

'Astonishing' first ever sighting of a red-footed booby
Skraaarrk! A slightly more sinister view of a kākāpō — this is Elwin in infrared.

Photo: Dr Andrew Digby |
Skraarrrk! Hello to all of my new followers around the world. Thanks for watching me on TV and learning about kākāpō. Meet Clout - he's one of the latest kākāpō chicks from our successful breeding season last year. Visit the Kākāpō Recovery team's page for more info on the work done to protect us. (Photo by Jo Carpenter).
Skraaarrk! New Year, New Parrot. My mate Alfie shared this photo of a kākā at Zealandia getting in some beak pull-ups.

How are your New Year's resolutions going?
Boom! Photo: Janice McKenna.
Skraaarrrk! Heading towards 2017 like....
Happy New Year to all :<>
Skraaarrk! Meri Kirihimete, Merry Christmas from me and all my wild pals in Aotearoa. Have a great day wherever you are in the world. <3
Skraaarrrrk! Great to see weka are such welcoming hosts :<> [ Link ]
Skraaaarrrrk! New Zealand's conservation dog heroes
Skraaarrrk! Kimberley Collins headed to Anchor Island earlier this year to see first-hand the work of our dedicated and diligent kākāpō rangers: [ Link ]

The guardians of the kākāpō kingdom
Skraaarrk! 20 Snares Island snipe were released on Whenua Hou last week to boost the genetic diversity of the population.

I hope my kākāpō whānau are good neighbours!

Snipe released on Whenua Hou
Boom! Three precious shore plover chicks hatched at Pukaha Mount Bruce and have been released on to Motutapu Island.

There are fewer than 200 shore plovers left in the wild and the survival of this endangered bird relies on captive breeding and predator-free islands: [ Link ]
Boom! Aussie mates save a lost baby penguin from a Sydney stormwater drain: [ Link ]

Rescuing a lost baby penguin from the stormwater drain
Skraaarrk! Those mischievous kea parrots do a questionable job of directing traffic at Homer Tunnel near Milford Sound:

Photo: Andrew Walmsley Photography
Skraaarrk! New Zealand's native frogs belong to an ancient group of frogs that have changed very little in over 70 million years.

They don't croak regularly like most frogs and they don't start out life as tadpoles — but they're camouflage game is strong:

Photo: Sabine Bernert